Disbursement Guide

Assets or goods purchased by the University or any services obtained must be requested, authorized, received, and paid for in accordance with the University’s policies and procedures. The policies and procedures regarding the disbursement forms identified herein are applicable to all University funds including grants, contracts, and other funds for which LIU is administratively responsible.

The following information provides a brief explanation of the purpose of the various University disbursement forms. Select the following links for further information regarding the specific policies and procedures for each form.

Download Direct Payment Request form
Travel Expense Report and Reimbursement Request
Purchase Requisition

Direct Payment Request

Purpose: To request a check or wire transfer to a payee for specific type of expenditures identified below:

Attorney/Legal Services & Settlements
Certified Sports Official
Expense Reimbursement (non-travel)
Medical Care Provider
Moving and Relocation Expense Reimbursement
Petty Cash Fund Reimbursement
Prize or Award
Professional Sole Entertainer (Under $1,000)
Speaker/Lecture Fee
Subject Fee/Test Patient
Webinar Registration
U.S. Postmaster Postage

Travel Expense Report and Reimbursement Request

Purpose: To request reimbursement to employees for certain expenditures incurred on behalf of the University such as conference registration fee, parking charges, travel, and meal costs. Also to request reimbursement of entertainment expenses incurred while entertaining University guests.

Purchase Requisition

Purpose: To request the issuance of a purchase order to an external vendor for procurement of material, supplies, equipment or services.