Monthly Record of Attendance

The Monthly Record of Attendance (Administrative Timesheet) can be used for electronically submitting leave time used to the University Payroll Office by utilizing the following procedures.

  • Save a copy of the timesheet to your own drive using the following naming convention:  Year_Month_ Last Name_First Name_Employee ID.  (Example:  2014_06_Doe_John_100000273)
  • Email (as an attachment) your completed timesheet to your immediate supervisor (approver) for review, retaining the File name (see above) in the subject line.  If changes are needed, your supervisor should return the form to you for correction and resubmission to him/her for approval.
  • Your approver must then forward your e-mail and attached timesheet to from his/her own e-mail address and state “Approved” in the body of the e-mail.

Please remember that Monthly Records of Attendance are to be submitted to the Payroll Office, or to the Payroll Timesheet email address in the above format, no later than the 10th of the following month.  Email submissions from your approver’s email address are required in order to provide an appropriate record of signature.