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Performing Arts


Performing Arts

The LIU Brooklyn Department of Performing Arts, is dedicated to teaching the disciplines of music and theater in a liberal arts environment. The department aims to provide undergraduate students with a solid technical and artistic foundation that is enriched by personal understanding – one that prepares them as they move on to their professional careers after graduation.

Department of Performing Arts faculty members have years of local, national and international performance and teaching experience. In addition to their teaching responsibilities, many perform in the New York City area. Their experience guides students in exploring the rigorous critical study of their art form and the disciplined aesthetic practice of the technique. This daily practice provides essential tools and analytic understanding of the student’s performing arts discipline. Students critically investigate and sustain the ideas, traditions and practices in which their present art form is rooted. Through a full range of educational experiences they are prepared to create, perform and prosper within their chosen artistic field.

Undergraduate Programs
B.F.A. in Acting for Theatre, Film & Television
B.F.A. in Music Technology, Entrepreneurship and Production