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Music Technology, Entrepreneurship and Production


B.F.A. in Music Technology, Entrepreneurship and Production

The B.F.A. in Music Technology, Entrepreneurship and Production, is a studio model program, designed to provide professional training for students who aim to succeed as creative entrepreneurs, performers, songwriters, engineers, and producers in the music industry.

This program includes a modernized music curriculum that addresses the dynamic and changing landscape of the music profession. With advancements in technology impacting how music is performed, consumed, produced and marketed, there is an abundance of opportunity for today’s musician not addressed in traditional undergraduate and graduate music curriculums. The program is designed to serve the needs of musicians who do not fit the traditional classical and jazz offerings that are typical in most university music programs. 

Admission Requirements

To qualify for acceptance into the B.F.A. in Music Technology, Entrepreneurship and Production program:

  • Entering freshman must have a high school grade-point average of at least 80 and a combined SAT score of at least 1000.
  • Transfer students must have an overall gradepoint average of at least 2.0.
  • Submit a general application for admission through My LIU.

Preparing the Creative Entrepreneur

The program will feature an experiential teaching and learning approach, grounded in the real world of music production and marketing, and follow a learning community/cohort model that places peer collaboration at the center of the educational experience. The program is centered around four pillars that are vital to the success of the modern musician:

1)    The creation of music in both traditional and modern contexts -songwriting, performance, improvisation and arranging

2)    The production of music -music technology, mixing and engineering

3)    Music entrepreneurship/marketing/promotion/copyright management

History, culture, marketing and globalization of urban/popular Music

Today’s musicians have to be media and business savvy. 21st century musicians are using advancements in technology to conceptualize and produce music videos, marketing themselves on social media, releasing their own music on their own labels, and understanding the entrepreneurial aspects of the music industry.

The corporate and music worlds are intertwined, in spokesperson, endorsement, and influencer deals that are meant to boost the corporation's marketing and demographic growth by using musicians and other artists to further their brands.

Blackbirds Music Group –LIU Brooklyn’s Record Label

Blackbirds Music Group is a record label powered by LIU Brooklyn. Holding international distribution with The Orchard, a Sony Company, BBMG is a multifunctional platform for the students of LIU. Students will get the opportunity to sign on as a recording artist or band and release their music internationally while learning the logistics and fundamentals of entrepreneurship and the music business. BBMG is helmed by LIU's Grammy-recognized and highly-decorated audio technology professor, Tony Dofat, responsible for over 40 Million records sold worldwide.

The Program

Students admitted into the program are required to study music theory, jazz improvisation, performance skills, history, culture, music production, and songwriting. They also learn about entertainment law, record promotion, marketing, publicity, branding and other concepts that modern musicians need to understand to succeed in the evolving music business.

This cohort program begins with all students taking foundational classes in music production, composition, history, performance and entrepreneurship during their first four semesters.


Our stellar faculty is comprised of award-winning industry professionals who have worked with top recording artists, performed on blockbuster music tours, produced major music hits, made numerous television appearances and scored celebrated films.