The Department of Psychology offers education and training in understanding emotions and behavior, at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels. The department is comprised of 16 full-time faculty members, with specialties including personality assessment, mentalization and reflective functioning, emotional regulation, psychotherapy process and outcome, cultural and ethnic issues, community violence, the development of aggression, abuse and trauma, racial stereotypes and prejudice, psychological problems with political refugees and psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral models of treatment. Full-time faculty members teach at all levels of the department.

The B.A in Psychology offers a variety of coursework and training. The major requires 31 credits in psychology, including courses in contemporary systems of psychology, statistics, and experimental design. Research training is available through independent study with faculty members.

The Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, has been continuously accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1974, and offers high-quality clinical and research training. Its most recent accreditation took place in 2007. Students in the Ph.D. program are prepared to function as clinical psychologists in a variety of settings and are carefully trained in the development of research skills through coursework and mentoring by program faculty members who help them to develop and carry out original research projects. The Ph.D. program operates the Psychological Services Center, in which members of the LIU Brooklyn community can receive psychological assessment and treatment at no cost.

Undergraduate Doctoral
B.A. in Psychology Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Research & Scholarship

Psychology Department faculty are actively involved in scholarly research in a wide range of areas. Students have many opportunities to develop independent and collaborative research in conjunction with faculty members.