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M.S.ED. in Teaching Children with Disabilities (Grades 1-6)

The 42-credit M.S.Ed. in Teaching Children with Disabilities (Grades 1-6) is for students without prior certification and leads to the degree of Master of Science and eligibility for initial NYS Certification in Teaching Children with Disabilities, grades 1-6. It prepares students to teach in inclusive or self-contained special education classrooms and resource rooms at the elementary school level. There is also a 34 credit M.S.Ed. in Teaching Children with Disabilities (Grades 1-6) for students who already have certification in another area.

An optional extension is available for students who wish to teach in bilingual classrooms (9 credits).

Students graduating from this program are eligible for teaching certification once they have passed all required portions of the New York State Teacher Certification Exam (NYSTCE). Students may also apply for Internship Certification after completing the first 21 credits. Internship Certification permits students to begin teaching while they complete their degrees.

Students with prior initial certification in another area will, upon completing this program, also be eligible for professional certification in their original certification area.

Course of Study
Tier I: Diversity, Language and Literacies in Urban Education (6 credits)
TAL 801 Issues in Urban Education 3 credits
TAL 803 Perspectives on Disabilities 3 credits
Tier II: Observation and Description of Urban Learners (18 credits)
TAL 802 Language and Literacy 3 credits*
TAL 811 Lives of Children 3 credits*
TAL 816 Teaching Literacy K-6 3 credits*
TAL 822 Assessment and Special Education 3 credits
TAL 830 Classroom Inquiry I 3 credits
TAL 851 Curriculum Theory and Practice in Special Education: Childhood 3 credits
Tier III: Inquiry of Urban Classrooms and Teaching Practices (12 credits)
TAL 852 Strategies for Teaching Learners with Diverse Needs: Childhood 3 credits
TAL 853 Collaboration and Consultation: Family, School and Community 3 credits
TAL 854 Classroom as Community 3 credits
TAL 880 Classroom Inquiry II 3 credits
Tier IV: Advanced Inquiry and Practice (4-6 credits)
TAL 884A Student Teaching: Childhood Special Education 3 credits*
TAL 884B Student Teaching for the Practicing Teacher: Childhood Special Education 1 credit**
TAL 971 Capstone Seminar 3 credits

*Required only for students seeking 1st initial certification.
**Required only for students seeking 2nd initial certification.

Optional Bilingual Extension (9 Credits)
TAL 823 Bilingualism & Bilingual/Multicultural Education 3 credits
TAL 862 ESL Curriculum & Methodology: Teaching Literacy K-12 3 credits
TAL 866 Native Language Teaching in the Bilingual Classroom 3 credits

Students must also complete the following non-credit workshops offered through the School of Continuing Studies or present proof of equivalent training elsewhere:

State-Mandated Training
ALCX 702 Child Abuse Identification and Reporting
ALCX 703 Violence Prevention
ALCX 705  Harassment/Bullying/CyberBullying/Discrimnation 


School of Education
Dr. Laura Seinfeld, Dean