Welcome to Academic Affairs

Welcome to Long Island University’s Office of Academic Affairs. The key function of the Office is to provide academic coherence and direction for the University, as well as to ensure the quality of both the curriculum and the faculty members by whom it is taught.

Faculty will find access to the forms necessary for everything from the development of a new academic program to the hiring of new faculty members, as well as the process of tenure review. Faculty members also will have access to a wealth of current information on activities including the Abraham Krasnoff Memorial Award for Lifetime Scholarly Achievement and the David Newton Awards for Excellence in Teaching.

At the beginning of each new academic year, the Office of Academic Affairs sponsors the University Faculty Orientation for new, full-time faculty members at all Long Island University campuses. This one-day event is designed to introduce new faculty members to the broader academic community and to provide an overview of the resources available to support their teaching and scholarship at the University.

In addition, comprehensive information is provided for the LIU community using the following: liushare.liu.edu under "Academic Affairs" regarding the development of instructional technology resources for the University, accreditation and regulatory requirements, outcomes assessment, sponsored research, promotion and tenure and sabbatical timetables, graduate assistants and doctoral fellows.