Policies and Forms

Sponsored Project Policies

Many external sponsors (particularly federal) and regulatory agencies require that institutions conducting research or engaging in the grant enterprise have certain policies in place to be the recipient of funds. All Investigators are required to annually submit a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form through the OSPPortal. Instructions are below on how to navigate OSPPortal.

“Investigator” is defined as the principal, co-principal and all other key person(s) who are responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of an LIU program, project, activity or service described in any application made through LIU for funding or any grant award. "Investigator" shall include the investigator's spouse and dependent children. You can find LIU’s Investigator Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure policy below. Additionally, research misconduct is an extremely serious matter. If you will be conducting research at LIU, it is very important that you review the Scientific Misconduct policy attached below. Should you have any questions, please contact Michael Marino, Executive Director of Sponsored Programs at Michael.Marino@liu.edu.

LIU OSPPortal grant routing form & COI instruction manual 
Conflict of Interest Policy
Misconduct in Science Policy

Useful Links and Forms

Use the OSPPortal to submit the following:

  1. Conflict of Interest (COI) Annual Filing
  2. Grant Proposal Routing Form
  3. IRB applications and amendments
  4. IACUC applications and amendments
  5. No Cost Extension (NCE) Request
  6. Request a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

OSPPortal grant routing form & COI instruction manual 
OSPPortal quick guide grant routing form 
Contract Applications Form (CAP) 
Budgeting Primer on externally submitted grant applications 
Budget Template 
Grant Submission Checklist
Facilities and Administrative and Fringe Benefit Rate Agreements 
HR Portal
Purchasing eProcurement portal
Purchasing PeopleSoft Buy Registration form 
Travel Approval Form 
Travel & Expense Reimbursement Form 
SPIN Database of Sponsored Funding Opportunities