The University’s purchasing policies provide direction to the various departments of the University in the procurement of goods and/or services and the disbursement of funds.

It is the individual responsibility of each employee involved in the procurement process to understand and comply with all University policies. The following links provide direction on policies concerning:

  • Procurement and Sourcing (Policy Index below)
  • Disbursements 
  • Contracts 

*Policies will be revised and supplemented, as required, to meet new needs and conditions.

Policy Index
Policy No. Policy Name Related Policies No.
P1005 Unauthorized Commitment P1500
P1006 Gifts and Gratuities Policy P1007
P1007 Conflict of Interest Policy P1006
P1010 Contract Development, Review and Approval Policy P1020, P1015, P1025
P1015 Changes to Capital Projects Contract Policy P1010
P1020 Vendor Insurance Requirement P1010, P1500
P1025 Signature Authority Policy P1010
P1030 Tax Exempt Policy P1500
P1035 University Supplier Contracts Policy P1625, P1618, P1626, P1624, P1622, P1621, P1617, P1616, P1615
P1040 Capital Projects Policy P1035
P1075 Purchase of Hazardous Materials P1080
P1080 Chemical Waste Disposal Policy P1075, P1081
P1081 Recycling Policy P1080
P1300 Bids, Quotes and Request for Proposal Policy P1320, P1030, P1310
P1310 Award to Other than Low Bidder Policy P1300
P1320 Sole Source Policy P1500, P1010, P1300
P1400 Vendor Evaluation and Selection Policy P1405, P1410, P1415
P1405 Vendor Obligations Policy P1400, P1410, P1415
P1410 Vendor Relations Policy P1400, P1405, P1415
P1415 Vendor Activation/Inactivation Policy P1400, P1405, P1410
P1500 Purchase Order Requisition Policy P1020, P1005, P1320, P1030, P1505, P1510
P1505 Changes to Purchase Order Policy P1030, P1500, P1510
P1510 Emergency Purchase Order Policy P1030, P1500, P1505
P1600  LIU Buy Protocols P1035
P1615 University Printers (Multi-function & Other) Policy P1035
P1616 Office Supplies Policy P1035
P1617 Computer Policy P1035
P1618 Computer Peripherals Policy P1035
P1621 Scientific Chemicals and Supplies Policy P1035
P1622 University Cell Phone Policy P1035
P1624 Shipping Policy P1035
P1625 Gas Cylinder Rental Policy P1035
P1626 Furniture Policy P1035
P1700 Grants and Cooperative Award Policy
P1700i Uniform Guidance Procurement   
P1715 University Supplier Contracts   
P1800 Policy for Pending Travel Approval