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About the ARC


Our Mission
The ARC’s mission is to support the improvement of student learning by assisting students in navigating their way through higher education. Since learning is a process and tutoring is an exchange of ideas about the learning process, we strive to complement cross-discipline classroom instruction with student-centered tutoring by promoting collaborative learning for both students and tutors. We strive to create meaningful relationships among students, tutors and staff to deepen the college experience. We strive to empower students in their own education and increase their sense of agency by providing student-directed, process-oriented sessions, which focus on helping students to help themselves. And we strive to foster cross-campus, cross-discipline participation in the tutoring process by serving as the central tutoring resource for students, faculty and the entire University community.

Our History
The ARC opened in the fall of 1987 as the Tutoring Center. Originally located on the fifth floor of the Library Learning Center, the ARC moved to its present location on the first floor of the Jeanette & Edmund T. Pratt Center for Academic Studies in 2001.We share this space with our University Testing Center, and we’re right next door to the English Language Institute and the Writing Across the Curriculum office and near to the Louise B’69 and Leonard B. Riggio Cyber Café & Subway restaurant.