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Faculty Support & Involvement

We can work with faculty from across the disciplines to help you better support your students.

A few ways you can get involved:

  • ARC staff will be happy to visit your classroom to talk about and promote our tutoring services.
  • You can schedule a walk-in visit with your class.
  • If you have departmental GA’s who offer tutoring, they may use our center to conduct sessions.
  • Provide the ARC with syllabi, course packets, study handouts, etc. for your classes.
  • Donate textbooks to us. Even if they aren’t the currently used textbooks, these come in handy when tutors are designing practice problems or need novel examples.
  • If you teach a high DFW course (high demand, and high fail/drop rate), you can help us to design weekly Supplemental Learning sessions for your students. You provide us with your time and your marketing to your students to attend, and we provide you with a trained tutor (where needed), advertising and promotion on our Events Calendar.

Some examples of our collaborative work with faculty:

  • Dr. Ratna’s Pathophysiology and Biochemistry workshops for P3 students
  • Specialized support for students in the Occupational Therapy Program
  • Partnership with ARCC graduate program in Biology
  • Partnership with HHC (Health & Hospitals Corp.) Nurse Training Program