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During tutoring sessions, ARC Tutors will answer questions you have about concepts and class material and they’ll guide the discussion using a Socratic approach, engaging you in dialogue that involves asking and answering lots of questions to allow for your better comprehension and understanding of course material. Additionally, Tutors can provide suggestions on how to study to reach your academic goals, including how to take more efficient notes, how to read the textbook more effectively, and how to streamline your study sessions. When attending a session you should bring your course syllabus, course notes and textbook(s), and any questions you might have for the Tutor.

What to Expect When Working with a Tutor
Tutoring at the ARC is very interactive and designed to assist you in doing the work yourself.Tutoring sessions are designed to be supplemental to class work—to reinforce work you’ve already started in class.

When You Meet with a Tutor You Should:
  • take tutoring sessions as seriously as classroom lectures, applying yourself as diligently as you would in class
  • be prompt for all sessions, or call promptly to notify the tutor of an absence or lateness
  • come to sessions prepared, having read all assigned texts, with specific questions, assignments and/or lists of problem areas from which your Tutor can begin to work
  • respect the Tutor’s time, dignity, cultural background and personal values
  • be considerate to fellow students who share group sessions
  • bring all appropriate textbooks, assignments, and supplies that are necessary

You Can Expect the Tutors & Staff to:
  • uphold the National Tutoring Association’s Code of Ethics
  • assist you in assessing your tutoring needs, strengths and areas for improvement, and setting goals for the semester
  • determine, with you, appropriate goals for each session based on your needs
  • at the end of each session, help you figure out specific ways to complete or continue independently and effectively what you started in the session
  • share techniques to help you develop your study skills, note-taking, reading skills, etc.
  • ask questions to engage you and help you learn and find answers for yourself
  • be professional and courteous at all times
  • keep your personal information confidential
  • assist you in registration and the scheduling of appointments
  • try to make tutoring fun and interesting

The Tutors & Staff will NOT:
  • proceed through a session without your active participation, support and preparation
  • do your homework or take-home tests for you
  • re-teach course material
  • be responsible for classroom material you may have missed due to absences
  • take home your work to mark up or give you feedback
  • evaluate your work, give grades or feedback that your instructor would normally give
  • resolve every issue you have
  • interpret your reading for you
  • proofread and edit papers for you (but we can show you how to do it yourself)
  • reschedule sessions, unless the Tutor must be absent from the session