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Meet Our Staff

The tutors and staff at the ARC are undergraduates, graduates and professionals who have completed our rigorous screening process, participate in our ongoing CRLA-certified training program, and who are experienced and well versed in their fields.

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Courtney Frederick


Courtney directs the ARC and the English Summer Institute. His background is in English studies,Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum pedagogy. He teaches the Core Seminar research writing course, focusing on the study of popular culture. Originally from Louisiana, Courtney makes a pretty mean gumbo.

Seymour Small


Asst. to Director/Payroll Coordinator
Seymour oversees payroll and is the master of all things paperwork. He knows this place inside-out! Sey has been a tutor, Front Desk Coordinator, and mentor. He has his MS in Sports Science & Athletic Training and spends his free time in the gym.

Tyler Jordan


T-Bird is our resident photographer and MTA know-it-all. He tutors Media Arts and How to Meet Girls. Watch Tyler & Kurtis' Interview

Kurtis Oakley


Virtual Learning Coordinator
Kurt holds an MS in Medical Microbiology and a lot of BS. He coordinates our VLC and makes sure we’re all having fun.

Isabella Simonian


Isabella is a Math Specialist and has been tutoring for more than 10 years. She holds a PhD in Theoretical Mathematics, with special interest in Riemann geometry, & she makes incredible homemade pickles.

Lev Simonian


Lev holds a Phd and Habilitation degree in math. He is an avid swimmer, and has been tutoring over 10 years. He speaks English and Russian.

Ashwin Patel


Ashwin is pursuing his PhD in Pharmaceutical Science, and he has tutored chemistry, and math for more than 4 years. Ashwin loves to cook, and he speaks English, Hindi and Gujarati.

Amit Joshi


Tutor-Mentor/Science Specialist/SI Leader
Joshi is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Pharmaceutics and is a Science Specialist, tutoring chemistry, math (except Statistics. Please not Statistics!), physics, pharmaceutics and biology. He is known across campus for his Biochemistry sessions. He is great at table tennis and sleeping. Joshi speaks English, Hindi, and Gujarati, and he’s learning French from Courtney and Spanish from Andrés.

Brijesh Vaghasia


Tutor-Mentor/Science Specialist
Brij is one of our senior tutors and Testing Center proctors. He is pursuing a PhD in Pharmaceutics and tutors various science courses, from physics to organic chemistry.He also leads chemistry review sessions and biochemistry supplemental sessions. He loves roller-coasters.

Vidhi Shah


Tutor-Mentor/Science Specialist/SI Leader
One of our senior tutors, Vidhi-ben led and coordinated Project Quest sessions, and she helps to coordinate special programs. She tutors all levels of chemistry, biology & math, including physics and pharmaceutics, and she leads chemistry review sessions and orgo supplemental sessions.

Ami Patel


Tutor-Mentor/Science Specialist
Ames is an energetic and enthusiastic tutor, patient and sensitive to individual learning styles! And she's a ton of fun too! She is currently a PhD candidate and tutors chemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmacology and pharmaceutics.

Colette Gauthier


Colette has a BA in Biology from LIU Brooklyn. She tutors math, biology & Spanish, and she works at our front desk.

Kavá Robinson


Online Specialist
Originally from Jamaica (the country, not the one in Queens), Kavá (pronounced Ka-VAY) is a grad student in Biology, specializing in Anatomy & Physiology. She tutors online.

Ashley Brown


Ashley holds a B.S in Biology & M.S. in Molecular Biology, and is currently pursuing her M.S.Ed. She tutors Math (up to Pre-calc), Chem 3x, 4x, Chem 3, and all biology courses. Her interests are Biomedical Research and Oncology treatments. Ashley has been a tutor for over 10 years.

Melissa Meus


Communications Coordinator
Meesie is one of our Communications Coordinators and front desk admins, managing our FB & Twitter pages. She is a Health Science major and an amazing big sister. Watch her video here.

Roston Moore


Roston is double-majoring in Political Science and Journalism and specialize in tutoring English, Writing, History, and Philosophy. You'll also see him working at the ARC Front Desk, so if you need to schedule appointments with new tutors, don't hesitate to ask him at any time. By the way, for all interested he’s a native Marylander, Georgian, Indianan, and Californian and was born on the Isle of Trinidad. His specialties are driving cars, playing soccer and football, and incessantly flirting. He says, “Just a disclaimer directed at anyone who might get offended by my antics, I am only joking... maybe.”

Hardik (Hardy) Patel


Hardik is pursuing his PhD in Pharmaceutics and Drug Design, and is especially interested in formulation and preformulation of small molecules.(Ask him; he loves to talk about it.) Hardik offers walk-in sessions for Calculus, Organic chemistry, & Chemistry. He especially loves playing and watching outdoor games like cricket, tennis and soccer, and he follows the Indian cricket team and NY Yankees. He is fluent in English, Guajarati, & Hindi.

Irene Salib


Math Institute Coordinator
Irene is completing her Master's degree in Molecular Cell Biology and plans to go on to teach. She coordinates and leads our Math Workshops, and makes KILLER cookie dough brownies.

Darnell Bayliss


DD is one of the smiling faces you’ll see at our front desk. He’s happy to connect students with tutors.

Emilia Grinfeld


Math Specialist
Emilia has BS/MS in Mathematics from Novosibirsk State University in Russia, and has tutored in the ARC since 2001. She tutors all math courses, from developmental skills and algebra to advanced level calculus and statistics.

Xintao Wang


ao has a BS in Pharmacy & Japanese and is getting her MS in Industrial Pharmacy. She tutors all math courses, and she likes cooking, traveling and reading detective fiction. Tao speaks Mandarin, English and Japanese. She is learning Korean and wants to learn Spanish, too.

Daniel Lu


Dan is a Health Sciences major who tutors math, biology and chemistry. He is active in the Anime’ Club and wishes more students would join clubs on campus. You’ll also see Dan at our Front Desk.

Sanaa Smaoui


Originally from Morocco, Sanaa speaks Arabic and French. She tutors business courses, economics, statistics, math and French. She has a B.S in business and is getting her M.A in Political Science, with a specialization in international relations.

Tseday Mekonnen


Tseday holds Associate Degrees in Pre-Pharmacy and General Science, and is pursuing a PharmD. She tutors Pathophysiology and Pharmaceutics for P3 students . Tseday speaks English and Amharic.

Sawani Talekar


Sawani tutors Biology, Physics, & Math (occasionally chemistry and orgo walk-ins, too.) She is pursuing a Masters in Pharmaceutics (Specialization in Industrial Pharmacy). Sawani loves playing volleyball (she even played in high school), listening to music, and dancing (she was a choreographer during her undergrad). Sawani speaks English, Hindi, and Marathi and is trying to learn Gujarati and Spanish.

Alexandria Hadden


Tutor Training Coordinator
Alex has tutored all things English at the ARC for 5 years. She likes meeting people, traveling, and harassing Seymour. She leads our Tutor Training Groups and works closely with the Director and new tutors in both the ARC and Writing Center.

Sheila Masinde


Sheila holds a BA in Chemistry from Temple University in Philadelphia, and she is completing the MS in Pharmacology/Toxicology here at LIU Brooklyn. She tutors various math and chemistry courses. She speaks English and Swahili.

Joyce Atagwe-Tetu


Joyce holds a BS in Sports Science and is presently working on her Masters in Public Health. She tutors anatomy and works at the front desk. She’s into public healthology and sports scienceology, supporting her winning teams-- Philadelphia Eagles & Boston Celtics-- taking pictures, watching movies online,& downloading songs. “Se habla ingles, et j'apprends le français.”

Danny Chow


Danny is completing his PharmD. We’re going to really miss him! He works at the Front Desk and loves to snowboard in his free time.

Lyma Faroz


Lyma has a BS in Pharmacy (Mumbai University) and is pursuing a Master's In Industrial Pharmacy. She tutors Math placement, Math 10,15,16, Chem 121, Bio3, anatomy & physiology. Her hobbies include reading, sketching, making creative artwork, playing sports, & cooking different cuisines. She speaks Hindi, Marathi, & English.

Aimee Herman

LIU Brooklyn Aimee Herman

Aimee Herman is a performance poet with an MFA in Creative Writingy. She works with ESL learners and has a love of grammar! In her free time, she writes poems, bakes, and can be found soaking in the aroma of inspiration found all over Brooklyn and NYC. For her, each day of tutoring is like illuminating one more road, foreign city or faraway country on a map. It is an opportunity to swap stories, grammatical concerns and exchange one word for its synonym. Aimee is easily spotted, wearing red hair and (un)matching tie, riding her bike, Heleanore Herman II.

Tina Tang


Tina holds a BM in Clinical Pharmacy from Nanjing Medical University in China, and she is completing her MS in Industrial Pharmacy here at LIU Brooklyn. She tutors math, chemistry and physics. Tina also works as a proctor in our Testing Center.

Gayane Avakyan


Gayane has tutored physics, organic chem, histology and general chem and bio while completing her BS in Biology. She has been preparing to go to dental school, and she speaks Russian, Armenian & English.

Dan “Hoffy” Sauerhoff


Hoffy is pursuing a double major in accounting and finance, and he tutors math, accounting & finance. He loves anything business -- stock markets, global finance, investing, etc.-- and is happy to admit that he subscribes to the Wall Street Journal. Hoffy says, “I am a soccer FANATIC- played four years for LIU Men's Soccer at the NCAA DI level.” Hoffy is our resident juggler but wants his students to know that contrary to popular belief, he is not a clown.

─░lkay Us


Ashraf Garrett


Ash is completing his PharmD and tutors Anatomy & Physiology and Pharmacology. He plans to make us all call him Dr. Garrett very soon.

Mukesh Ogadram


Hi, I’m Mukesh! I’m getting my MS in pharmacology & toxicology, and I keep busy tutoring pharmacology, organic & inrogranic chemistry, biochemistry, immunology and general biology. I love figuring out how to start conversations with strangers, feeding pigeons,reading, and playing cricket and table tennis. I speak English, Hindi and Telugu, and I’m learning Gujurati. Soon I’ll study French & Spanish, as well.

Maitri Trivedi


Nisaa Shabazz


Nisaa is completing her RN degree and tutors Med Math and other Nursing courses.

Noelia Brito Berrocal


Originally from the Canary Islands, Noelia tutors Spanish while pursuing her MS in Arts Education. She also teaches in the Children’s Academy.

Prasanna Saripalli


Prasanna is getting a Master’s in Industrial Pharmacy. She tutors biology & chemistry.

Hussan Bahar


Physics Specialist
Hussan is our resident Physics Specialist and Adjunct Faculty in the Math & Physics Dept.

Gwen Lowenheim

LIU Brooklyn Gwen Lowenheim

Gwen holds a BA in Economics & Spanish and is in the MA TESOL (Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) program. She tutors English conversation and grammar (groups and individual), humanities, and writing. In her free time she likes biking, the creative process, & international development, and she has special training in theatrical improvisation, team building/diversity training, & teacher training.

Kishore Gangangari

LIU Brooklyn Kishore Gangangari

Kishore has a BS in Pharmacy from Kakatiya University in India, and he is pursuing a Master’s in Chemistry. He tutors chemistry, math & biology.

Abhi Gudimella

LIU Brooklyn Abhi Gudimella

Hey friends. My name is Abhi, and I’m a Graduate Student pursuing a Masters in Pharmacology and Toxicology. I tutor Biology, Mathematics, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and any subject relevant to life sciences. Academically, I am mostly inclined to research areas in Pharmacology and my other interests include listening to music and watching movies.

Emily Chan

LIU Brooklyn Emily Chan

Emily tutors Spanish, Mandarin & Cantonese. She is a pharmacy major and happy to be part of our tutoring team.

Naila Jameel


Naila is majoring in Biology as a pre-med student. She tutors calculus. She is fluent in conversational Urdu.

Dharti Tank


Dharti is pursuing her MS in Industrial Pharmacy. She holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Bhagwan Mahavir College of Pharmacy in India. She tutors biology, anatomy, chemistry & pharmaceutics.

Amala Kandiraju


Amala tutors biology, chemistry, microbiology, pharmacy & biotechnology. She is in the MS program in Industrial & Physical Pharmacy.

Theja Kandra


Theja is pursuing a MS in Pharmacology/Toxicology in the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University in India. Theja tutors biology.

Artem Vasilenko


Artem is in the MS in Microbiology program. He tutors biology, anatomy, organic chemistry, micro & immunology.

Arunteja Veermalla

LIU Brooklyn Arunteja Veermalla

Arun is pursuing a Masters in Chemistry. He is a Pharmacology Graduate from Glasgow Caledonian University, UK and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from India. His area of interest is Biology. He tutors biology, biochemistry, Chem 3X, Chem 4X, & Human Anatomy & Physiology.

Tasneem Zaki

LIU Brooklyn Tasneem Zaki

Tasneem tutors physics, math, statistics & anatomy. She is completing the MS in Exercise Science & Sports Nutrition. She has a BS in Physical Therapy, and she is a certified trainer and sports science nutritionist.

Gomattie Seecoomar


Gomie is completing the MS in Microbiology. She tutors various math, biology & chemistry courses.

Moksh Jagia

LIU Brooklyn Moksh Jagia

Moksh is getting his MS in Industrial Pharmacy and has a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Hindu College of Pharmacy in India. He tutors placement math, Math 10, 15, & 16, statistics, Chem 3x & 4X, Bio 132, Bio 3, & Bio 4. He loves playing cricket & swimming.

Munjal Patel

LIU Brooklyn Munjal Patel

Munjal tutors various math courses in the ARC and Math Center. He completed his MS in Pharmacy and is now completing his PhD.

Rakesh Gollen


Rakesh just completed his MS in Industrial Pharmacy from Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and is now getting a PhD in Pharmaceutics. He tutors various math and chemistry courses, including statistics & biostats.

Rondha Remy

LIU Brooklyn Rhonda Remy

Rondha tutors French. She completed her BA in Political Science and Sociology/Anthropology and is now getting her Master’s degree in Public Administration and the United Nations Certificate Program. She has been a Residence Assistant and an Orientation Leader, and she has been active in Student Government.

Pamela Cruz Encarnación


Pamela is an undergraduate studying biology. She tutors all levels of Spanish.