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University Faculty Senate


(from the Preamble of the UFS Constitution, March 6, 2006):

The University Faculty Senate (“UFS”) is both the governance body of the Faculty of the University (“the Faculty”) and, is the primary, although not the only, structure through which the faculty as a University faculty communicated with the Board of Trustees (“the Board”) and Administration (“the Administration”).  The UFS is responsible for the formation and expression of the views of the Faculty primarily on matters transcending the interests of the individual campuses, excluding those issues addressed through collective bargaining. Each of these bodies, the UFS, the Faculty and the Board, is essential to the effective functioning of Long Island University. Moreover, their mutual engagement is fundamental to the life of the University. Collegiality and trust among the Faculty, the Board, and the Administration are essential to realizing the University’s mission of access and excellence in higher education.

The Board and the Faculty recognize the special role of the UFS in University governance. Both parties pledge that no action with respect to this Constitution will be taken without prior consultation, discussion  and agreement in conformity with the terms specified by this Constitution.


Name Department Campus Email


Hildi Hendrickson Sociology & Anthropology Brooklyn
Sara Gronim History Post
Eric Lichten   Sociology Post
Executive Committee:
Edward Keane Library Brooklyn
Roberta Levitt Special Ed. & Literacy Post
Carol Boyer Finance Post
Henry Cohen Pharmacy Practice Pharmacy


Troy Kish Pharmacy Practice Pharmacy
Emily Walshe Library Post
Shaireen Rasheed Curriculum & Instruction Post
John Lutz English Post
Wendi Williams Counseling  Brooklyn
Larry Banks Media Arts Brooklyn
Jocelyn D'Antonio Nursing Brooklyn Jocelyn.D'
Samuel Watson Chemistry & Biochemistry Brooklyn
Shaireen Rasheed CEIT Post
Joszef Losonczy Mathematics Post
Anthony Cutie Pharmacy Practice Pharmacy
Wendy Ryden English Post

Ex Officio Members:

Nancy Frye Psychology  Post
Rebecca States Physical Therapy Brooklyn