About Us

LIU Brooklyn’s Writing Across the Curriculum Program was created by faculty consensus in 2000 as part of a new writing-intensive core curriculum. The new curriculum was based on the understanding

  • That writing is essential to University education and to a successful career beyond the University;
  • That to develop their writing, students must be assigned regularly a variety of writing assignments, particularly ones that enable students to learn course content;
  • That the writing is not the domain solely of English composition courses, but is the responsibility of all departments throughout the students' course of study.

The WAC office—consisting of a Director, an Assistant to the Director, and two WAC Consultants—supervises all the writing intensive (WI) courses offered in the undergraduate majors. It also supports faculty teaching WI courses and any faculty who want to learn how to use writing to teach their disciplines.

Dr. William Burgos has directed LIU Brooklyn's Writing Across the Curriculum Program since its inception in 2002. He has taught literature and writing in the English department and the Honors Program. He also regularly teaches Core Seminar on themes ranging from mortality and immortality, self and other, to visual literacy.