Frequently Asked Questions

Very often we get all kinds of questions from students about writing. Below are some questions that come up often for faculty and students. Each question is answered in general guidance and resources. Contact one of our consultants at any stage of the writing process if your question is not listed.

Faculty FAQs

What is a Writing Across the Curriculum course?

For graduation, all LIU Brooklyn students are required to take nine credits of writing-intensive courses. These courses include: English 16, Core Seminar, and a writing-intensive (WI) course in the major.

WI courses employ a writing-to-learn model, integrating significant formal and informal writing assignments into the curriculum. Each department designates which course will serve as the WI requirement for their majors. These courses are reviewed by the WAC department to ensure they meet the WI requirements and to offer support to faculty members teaching these classes.

What are the basic principles of Writing Across the Curriculum?

What do I need to do to teach a Writing Across the Curriculum course?

What can a WAC consultant do for me?

What is the benefit of including writing assignments in my course?

What makes good writing assignments?

What type of assignments should I give my students?

What's in it for me?

What's in it for the students?

Should I respond differently to rough drafts than to students' final draft?

How can I get the most out of peer-review?

How much class time is needed for a peer-review workshop?

Student FAQs

General Questions

How can I become a stronger writer?

How are the papers I'm asked to write in my discipline different from English papers?

Before You Begin

What if I don't completely understand the assignment?

I want to get started writing early. How and where do I begin?

How can I organize my thoughts?

How do I develop an outline?

How can I take better notes for my research when reading difficult texts?

Drafting and Revision

How do I expand my rough draft to meet the page requirement?

How do I integrate sources in my paper?

What can I do to help my paper "flow"?

What is the difference between quotation, paraphrase and summary?

How can I begin to revise my draft?

What can I do for writer's block?

Editing and Citations

What do APA, MLA and Chicago style mean?

I'm afraid of accidentally plagiarizing. How can I avoid plagiarizing?

How can I improve my grammar and punctuation?