Instructor Resources

Reading Instruction

5 Simple Ways to Help
Tips for reading instruction.

8 Contributing Causes of Students’ Reading Difficulties
Read about what contributes to students’ difficulties with texts and how to overcome them.

How to Get Students to Read the Texts Assigned
A great resource to help with one of the most common hurdles WI instructors face.

Designing Assignments

How to Design Better Assignments
General tips and tricks for making the most of your assignments.

Designing Assignments Checklist
Two detailed checklists to review whenever you write an assignment.

Assigning the Literature Review
A list of resources and information on assigning literature reviews.

Low-Stakes Writing
A list of ideas and resources for “low-stake” writing assignments.

Research Papers

Writing a Research Paper: Generating Questions & Topics
This PowerPoint Workshop from the Purdue Owl offers tips for students on how to start a research paper – such as generating research questions, coming up with topic ideas, and practicing brainstorming techniques to get the wheels in motion.

How to Scaffold a Research Paper
This lesson plan from ReadWriteThink takes you through the entire process of integrating a research paper into your course – from generating questions to conducting research to drafting papers. It includes printouts to use in class, sample student papers, rubrics, and links to additional helpful sources.

Sample Research Paper Assignment
This assignment, designed for an English course, shows how to scaffold a research paper assignment by easing into the paper with smaller assignments, drafts, workshops, and one-on-one conferences.

Sample Annotated Bibliographies
Annotated bibliographies are a great method for scaffolding research paper assignments. The Purdue Owl offers sample annotated bibliographies in MLA, APA, and Chicago Manual.

Source Credibility Handout
A handout that covers the elements of evaluating a source for credibility.

“C.R.A.P” Test Handout
An easy-to-remember method for students to use when evaluating sources.

Sarah Blazer’s Evaluating Sources Assignment
An exercise to help students analyze sources at home or on a library visit.

Library Visit Preparation Handout
A handout that helps students discern the advantages and disadvantages of different types of sources. A good prep for research in the library.

Responding to Student Papers

How to Comment More Efficiently
A useful resource for those looking to improve the quality of their comments on student papers and save time when grading.

Evaluating with Writing-to-Learn Activities
Here are some great tips for integrating and evaluating informal writing assignments while saving valuable class and grading time.

How to Respond to Student Writing
A handy guide from Harvard, including detailed questions to ask yourself as you grade.

10 Strategies for Responding to Writing More Efficiently
A quick overview on how to make your feedback more effective and time-efficient.


A website that allows you to create your own rubric!

Cornell Science Rubrics
A resource for science instuctors.

Rubrics for Research Essays
Sample rubrics from Kansas State University.

Group Assignments

Group Work
Download these tips and examples of effective group work.

Peer Review
Besides the Student Writing Group Project, see what other ways you can conduct peer-review workshops in your classroom.

English Language Learners

The information in the following links discusses strategies for instructors on how to teach ELL students.

6 Key Strategies for ELL Students

Educating English Language Learners

Applying Culturally Sensitive Pedagogies in the Classroom
This article is written by Shaireed Rasheen and was presented in WAC’s 2006 Spring workshop on “Writing in the Multicultural Classroom.” This document includes scaffolded sample assignments for a multicultual WI course.