Student Resources

College Level Reading

What is College Level Reading?
What are college level texts and how do you read them? A first-hand account of how to tackle college-level texts.  

5 Essential Tips
Tips to help you better remember and understand what you read in your college classes. 

Insider Tricks to College Reading
Advice from the trenches like how to skim for the main argument, find the most important parts of the text, and prepare for class discussion. 

Writing Tips

Thesis (and Focus) Statements
Download these tips on constructing a workable, effective and interesting thesis or focus statements.

Revising Your Essay
No one writes a perfect first draft. Writers spend most of their time revising. Any printed material a reader encounters has probably undergone numerous drafts and revisions. Like a swan gliding gracefully across a pond, a final draft that reads effortlessly takes tremendous work under the surface. See these tips to help you in your process!

Organizing Your Essay
The more organized your essay is, the easier it is to follow and the stronger it is. See these tips to help you organize!

Creating a Tone

One of the most important steps in writing is developing a voice and tone. Explore these links for tips.

Style, Diction, Tone and Voice

Diction and Tone

Integrating Sources

Framing Quotes Handout
An overview of how to integrate quotes into your papers.

Templates for Integrating Sources
This very useful resource offers common phrases and sentence structures to introduce sources, insert quotations, and situate research within your argument.

Synthesis Matrix
This handout can help you integrate your research with the main ideas of your essay.

Avoiding Plagiarism

What is Plagiarism and How to Avoid It
At LIU Brooklyn, plagiarizing can lead to failing assignments, courses, or even being expelled from school. In life, plagiarism has consequences such as being fired from a job, tarnishing one’s reputation, and having a degree withdrawn. This resource explains the important differences between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing, and plagiarizing. It gives you advice about how to avoid plagiarizing (even accidentally).