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Tutoring Report

Each semester, we see hundreds of students in the Writing Center. Many come on their own initiative, and others come because a course instructor has strongly encouraged it.

If you would like a progress report on one or more of your students who has attended the Writing Center on a weekly basis, please contact Harriet Malinowitz, Writing Center Director, at harriet.malinowitz@liu.edu to request one. We will be glad to comply, as long as the student consents.

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

LIU/Brooklyn’s emphasis on writing, both in the core and across the disciplines, encourages students to recognize that writing is key to their achieving those goals which are common to all disciplines and set forth in the Campus's mission statement: the acquiring of essential literacies, and the development of intellectual curiosity, analytic and reasoning skills, and effective communication skills.

To develop their writing, students must practice regularly different types of writing assignments, particularly ones that enable students to think through course content. To this end, the teaching of writing should not be restricted to English composition courses, but is the responsibility of all departments throughout the students' course of study.

To support faculty in helping students to achieve these goals, LIU Brooklyn’s WAC Program offers individual and group workshops to help them develop student-centered learning communities and integrate writing into syllabi in a variety of ways.

For more information on WAC, contact Dr. William Burgos, WAC Director, at wburgos@liu.edu or 718-488-1094, or see the WAC webpage at www.liu.edu/brooklyn/wac.

Student Writing Group Project
Reference Library

The Writing Center has a complete array of handouts on specific topics related to all phases of the writing process as well as reading, research, grammar, and ESL issues. We also have a library of books and journals that tackle a variety of subjects related to writing and reading which you may consult and/or borrow.

PDFs of handouts are available on our computers for your use with whole classes or with individual students, or simply to give you ideas about how you might talk to your students about writing and reading issues. You are welcome to forward PDFs from a Writing Center computer to your own email address.

We have hard sample copies of each handout for viewing purposes only in four binders located in the Writing Center, which you are welcome to browse through in order to locate those PDF resources which will be most helpful for you. The binders are labeled “Higher Order Concerns” (which includes topics such as brainstorming, thesis statements, outlining, introductions, revision checklists, etc.); “Lower Order Concerns” (which includes information on using transitions and a host of grammatical and ESL issues); Research (which includes information on library research, finding appropriate sources, evaluating sources, avoiding plagiarism, and documentation); and Reading (which includes useful strategies for reading comprehension and reading critically).

To review our PDF collection, a book, or a journal, feel free to stop into the Center during our regular business hours. We hope to continue to expand the topics we cover, and welcome your suggestions and comments regarding your students’ needs.