The Writing Center's services are free and available to all students at the Brooklyn Campus. There are now six ways for students to use the Writing Center:

1. Weekly Appointments

This is the traditional—and probably the most fruitful—way to use the Writing Center individually. Weekly appointments are scheduled via in-person registration with the front desk. Based on the students and tutors' schedules, they will be matched for a once-a-week, one-on-one, 50-minute tutoring session. Weekly tutorials allow for maximum work on the multiple stages of the writing process for any given paper, from brainstorming and thesis development to developing successful conclusions and proofreading/editing. They also allow for an ongoing relationship to be established between tutor and tutee, with optimal potential for the students growth as a writer over the course of the semester.

2. One-time Appointments

One-time appointments may be scheduled in person or by phone (718-488-1095) up to one week ahead, based on tutor availability.

3. Walk-in Tutoring

Each semester, the Writing Center schedules a number of walk-in hours (with designated walk-in tutors) which may run any portion of a fifty minute session, beginning at the top of the hour. Students will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis. It is important to emphasize that walk-in hours are not meant to provide a last-minute quick-fix in which the tutor is expected to correct grammatical errors and proofread a student's paper. Just as with regularly scheduled tutorials, a walk-in session is intended to help the student effectively do his/her own work as a writer and to become a better writer.

4. Distance Tutoring

Because students’ schedules sometimes make it difficult for them to be on campus when tutor appointments are available, we introduced Distance Tutoring in 2010-11. Students may participate in the tutorial from home or any other location in which they can use a computer and a phone. Student and tutor will simultaneously look at a paper online and discuss it over the phone—approximating, as closely as possible, the 'real-time' and conversation of an in-person tutoring session. Call 718-488-1095 to schedule an appointment, and to prepare for your appointment, click here. [LINK]

5. Peer Writing Groups

In Spring 2010, the Writing Center also began to offer tutor-facilitated peer writing groups. These groups meet for one or more hours per week (as requested) in the Writing Center. Groups, led by a tutor, are composed of 3-5 students who share drafts of each other's work, support each other with helpful feedback for revision, and together gain expertise in close reading of their own and others' written texts. Groups can be formed by clusters of students from particular classes who request such a group, or, alternatively, individuals can ask to be placed in a group with other students at the same level (who are not necessarily enrolled in the same section of a class). To sign up for membership in a student writing group, fill out the registration form at the front desk in H-218.

6. Student Writing Group Project (SWGP)

By arrangement with course instructors, the Writing Center Director and clusters of Writing Center tutors visit classes to train students in writing workshop methods and to facilitate workshop groups. Usually, the Writing Center Director or an experienced group tutor leads a first 'full-class workshop,' in which students, course faculty, and newer tutors all focus, in depth, on one or more student papers. As students begin to familiarize themselves with strategies for close critique of written work, they proceed to break into small groups of 3-5 students, each led by a Writing Center tutor, so that these strategies may be applied to the paper of every student. Upon request from the course instructor, tutors can come to class to lead further small-group writing workshop sessions during the semester. When desired, these are supplemented or followed up by small-group workshops in the Writing Center. (See "Peer Writing Groups," above.)


Writing Center tutors are also available to help students with reading. Some of the reading issues that students might consult with a tutor about include:

  • understanding exactly what a particular assignment asks for;
  • comprehending the material in an assigned text;
  • applying relevant material from an assigned reading to a writing assignment;
  • developing effective reading strategies; understanding vocabulary;
  • figuring out what contextual information you need to know in order to grasp the meaning of a passage in a reading assignment;
  • and any other reading-related concerns students bring.

Many students come to the Writing Center with research assignments for their courses. Some parts of the research process our tutors can help you with include:

  • finding a topic that will be manageable, appropriate to the assignment, and interesting to you
  • thinking about what you will need to know in order to complete the assignment
  • identifying, finding, and evaluating appropriate information sources via the Internet, the LIU library online catalogue, electronic databases, and other search vehicles
  • considering the sorts of support/evidence that will be persuasive to particular audiences
  • using paraphrase, quotation, and summary appropriately to convey the content of your sources to your audience
  • synthesizing your information and ideas to achieve a specific purpose
  • citing your work correctly using MLA or APA style
  • identifying and avoiding plagiarism

The Writing Center has computers available for use by students. The WC computer lab is equipped with both Mac and PCs, and the entire network is connected to laser printers and the internet. Due to its limited size, we must restrict usage of our lab to students who are registered with the Writing Center and are currently meeting with a tutor. To ensure all our users have access to the lab, we limit use to one hour during peak periods. Up to ten pages (not from the internet) may be printed for free per session.


During a tutoring session, a tutor may work with a student at a computer to assist in the development of one or more skills—from inserting pagination or using proper MLA or APA format to evaluating websites or utilizing online library databases.


Within the Writing Center, we have a complete array of handouts on specific topics as well as books and journals that tackle a variety of subjects. Copies of handouts are available for your use at the Writing Center or, if you are a member of the LIU community, we will gladly forward one to your campus mailing address. To review a book or a journal, feel free to stop into the Center during our regular business hours.