Richard L. Conolly College of Liberal Arts & Science


The Writing Program

In keeping with the mission of LIU Brooklyn to provide access to higher education for students from diverse backgrounds, the Writing Program enables students to succeed in their academic, professional, and civic lives through its emphasis on the acquisition of advanced literacy skills. We serve students entering the University in the basic or first-year-writing course as well as students in the undergraduate and graduate concentrations in Writing and Rhetoric. Drawing on a range of rhetorical and literate traditions and practices, the Writing Program fosters respect for speakers of English as a Second Language and nonstandard dialects while supporting the achievement of proficiency in academic writing. In the Writing and Rhetoric concentrations, the study of writing is premised on this understanding of literacy and language as socially embedded.

Students and faculty in the Writing Program engage in writing that promotes rigorous analysis, sound argumentation, creative expression, and grammatical competence. Such writing is practiced through coursework that incorporates informal, expository, critical, reflective, and research writing. We teach students that close, interpretive reading and rhetorical awareness of purpose, audience, and context are central to the development of strong reading and writing abilities. With the rise of information literacy and digital forms of communication, we increasingly integrate appropriate forms of technology into the classroom.

Whether we are providing a foundation for written communication across the disciplines or engaging in scholarly study of writing and rhetoric, the Writing Program prepares students to engage critically and creatively in the academy and beyond.