Application Instructions


Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology Application Instructions 

The DEADLINE for Fall 2021 admission is JANUARY 5, 2021

Admissions Timeline

September 10, 2020: PSYCAS will begin accepting applications online; submit applications as early as possible, since it takes time to process application materials.

January 5, 2021: All application materials must be submitted.

February, 2021: Interviews

March-April, 2021: Admissions notifications

April 15, 2021: Decision deadline for admitted applicants

The LIU Brooklyn Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology uses PSYCAS for applications.

What is PSYCAS?

PSYCAS - Psychology Centralized Admissions System - is a centralized application service supported by the American Psychological Association and Liaison International. Applicants create an account for free and pay a fee to submit the first application. If you are applying to other programs that are also utilizing PSYCAS for their admissions process, there is a fee for each additional application. Applicants who meet income qualifications, as well as applicants who are members of specific service organizations, are eligible to receive a fee waiver.

To apply to the PhD Program in Clinical Psychology at LIU Brooklyn, go to:

For help with the PSYCAS system go to:

Application Requirements for the PhD Program in Clinical Psychology

(submitted through PSYCAS)

1) Official Graduate Record Exam (Verbal, Quantitative, Writing subtests). Use the PSYCAS GRE code 4322 for Long Island University to submit scores    

2) Important Note for Fall 2021 Applications: The Admissions Committee strongly encourages applicants to take and report the GRE General Test. Although not a requirement for admission in Fall 2021, the results of the test can help provide important context to an application. Applications without the results of the GRE General Test will be reviewed fully, without bias.

3) The GRE Psychology Test is not required for Fall 2021 applications.

4) TOEFL for applicants whose native language is not English

5) Official Transcripts from all colleges/universities attended

6) Three (3) Letters of Recommendation

7) Personal Statement

8) Curriculum Vitae

9) Paid and Unpaid (Volunteer) Employment Information

Minimum Criteria for Admission

Please see the LIU Brooklyn website or Graduate Bulletin for a description of the Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology. The typical minimum criteria for admission includes: (a) combined verbal and quantitative GRE scores of 302 (new system) or 1100 (old system); (b) an undergraduate GPA of 3.2; (c) a psychology GPA of 3.4 (if a psychology major); and (d) 15 credits in psychology, with statistics and experimental psychology or research design required. Note: these are the typical minimum criteria for admission; many applicants accepted have significantly higher test scores and GPAs.

Application Review

Initial screening of applicants is based on a review of formal material submitted by each candidate. Multiple considerations inform the initial screening process, including an applicant’s 1) academic/scholarly record; 2) practical experience in an applied clinical or health care setting; 3) research experience; and 4) personal history.

Those applicants who pass this initial screening will be invited for an interview with the faculty and will have the opportunity to meet and talk with advanced students in the Ph.D. Program. The personal interview is structured to maximize the opportunity for communication between the applicant and members of the Program. These interviews take place in February.

Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis beginning in March. All candidates will be notified of their admission status by April 15 at latest. Those applicants who are not offered a place in the Ph.D. program may be eligible for the M.A. program in Psychology.

Financial Aid Information

Students eligible for financial aid or a graduate assistantship are required to complete a FASFA form as part of the application process.