Recent Doctoral Dissertations


Recent Doctoral Dissertations

Completed Ph.D. Dissertations, Academic Years 2015-18

Sapolsky, Zachary (9/15) Promoting reflection in psychotherapy: Patient attachment, patient and trainee therapist reflective functioning, affective word use, and symptom change in psychodynamic therapy sessions

Lupis, Alexander A. (9/15) Inter-generational transmission of trauma in Croatia: Relational anger and guilt in children of war veterans

Motamedinia, Shahab (9/15) The influence of positive experiences on the self-esteem and affect of individuals with narcissistic traits

Diamond, Elisheva (9/15) Pathways to body destruction: The contribution of caregiving deficits, dissociative processes, and body alienation to the development of disordering eating and self-injurious behaviors

Azar, Naomi Tamara (9/15) Childhood parentification: Understanding the influence of emotion regulation and shame-proneness on the association between perceived unfairness and mental health outcomes

Glicklich, Rosalyn Marah (9/15) Interpersonal distress in young adulthood: The impact of corporal punishment and perceived parental acceptance and rejection

Ben-Israel, Ady (9/15) The normativity and interpersonal adaptivity of intra-individual gender variability

Utecht, Eric R. (9/15) The normativity and interpersonal adaptivity of intra-individual gender variability

Mahoney, Melissa B. (9/15) Obsessive-compulsive personality as a means of terror management

Daly, Leslie Anne (9/15) Yoga and emotion regulation in high school students: The internal relationship

Wolkenfeld, Debra (9/15) Mood's effect on judgment: The role of empathy and mindfulness in decision-making

Alonso, Angelique (01/16) The interplay between self-construal, gender identity, and aggressive style

Alcantara, Frances (01/16) Social cognition, interpersonal distress, and functional outcomes in schizophrenia

Marcus, Samuel H (01/16) Defense mechanisms, emotion regulation, and social behavior in latency

Goldstein, Rachel Erica (01/16) Promoting reflection in psychotherapy: Patient attachment, patient and trainee therapist reflective functioning, affective word use, and symptom change in psychodynamic therapy sessions

Levin, Kara K (5/16) Psychological distress in women presenting for first-time in vitro fertilization: Relationships among maternal identity centrality, grief, and psychopathology

Kohler, Sarah (5/16) The impact of migration on cultural identity and interpersonal functioning among Puerto Rican migrants

Wright, Michael Clarke (5/16) Heterosexist discrimination and posttraumatic symptoms among lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults

Guzman, Hazel (9/16) Attachment style, self-concept, and sexual risk taking behavior in late adolescence and young adulthood

Kapil-Pair, Kalpana N. (9/16) Impact of dissociation on parenting in young mothers

Wininger, Lionel S. (9/16) Understanding psychopathy with measures of attachment, anxiety, and childhood trauma

Spitalewitz, Cara R. (9/16) The role of executive function in the academic achievement of young adults with childhood maltreatment histories

Gustafson, Elizabeth M (9/16) Intrapsychic reciprocity between the caregiving and attachment behavioral systems

Buckley, Jennifer J (1/17) Exploring the role of trauma in women's substance use disorder treatment: A naturalistic study

Egan, Jessica D (1/17) The role of internalized representations in the relationship between attachment and mindfulness

Pavlakos, Alina O (1/17) Hungry for father: Perceived father presence and the psychological well-being, self-worth, and interpersonal functioning of young women

Ackerman, Annie C, (9/17) The impact of therapist-trainee attachment style on emotional reactions to difficult patients

Adams, Tristan, (9/17) Adolescent decision making: The role of parenting styles and information processing on risk taking behavior

Belgiorno, Kathryn M (9/17) The impact of therapist anger suppression on the relationship with difficult patients

Boussi, Ayelet R. (9/17) Numbness or social reconnection: The effects of rejection on behavior and the role of empathy, attachment, rejection sensitivity, and effortful control

Cull, Mary Beth (9/17) The impact of object relations, attachment and parental attitudes on women's and men's body shame

Dhingra, Niti (9/17) Early betrayal and its interpersonal manifestations in emerging adulthood

Eisenach, David Alexander (9/17) Reducing stereotype threat in psychological testing with a self-affirmation exercise

Fernando, Heshan J (9/17) The role of executive functions in interpersonal relations and capacity for empathy

Ho, Scarlett Siu Man (9/17) Toward a psychoanalytic, social psychological understanding of identity integration

Jacobs, Jordana D. (9/17) Till death do us part: The effect of mortality salience on satisfaction in long-term romantic relationships

Labode, Vanessa Marie (9/17) Impulsivity as a moderator of the relationship between stressful life events and binge eating

Madan, Neeru (9/17) Shame, dissociation, and coping in intimate partner violence

McIntyre, Shannon L, (9/17) Therapeutic traits and the empathic process: Attachment, shame, fear, fantasy, personal distress, and expression recognition

Sargalska,J oanna M (9/17) The role of language in eliciting transference: A Polish-English bilingual study

Zeng, Ruifan (9/17) The impact of age of epilepsy onset on patterns of neuropsychological functioning in a pediatric population

Benedetto, Amanda Gail (1/18) The lasting impact of interparental conflict, parental divorce and the parent-child bond on self-differentiation of offspring

Damian, Daniel T (1/18) The relationship between early parental behavior, contextualized selves, self-relating patterns, and differentiation of self

Jo, Brian C. (1/18) It is me, not you (or so I think): Helplessness as a pathway to self-criticism and dependency in individuals with obsessive-compulsive personality features

Bellin, Elisheva S. (9/18) What Does Not Kill Us Makes Us Stronger. Attachment Insecurity, Dyadic Adjustment and the Myth of Posttraumatic Growth among Ex-POW’s

Cox, Heidi Christine (9/18) The Effects of Mindfulness and Relaxation on Social Bias and Prejudicial Behavior

Farber, Alexandra Elise Claire (9/18) Distress and Sleep during Adolescent Pregnancy: Association to Fetal Heart Rate Variability and Attachment Classification at 14 months

Grundleger, Alexandra Britt (9/18) Body Betrayed: Mediators between Childhood Sexual Trauma and Bulimia Symptomology

Mandelbaum, Olivia (9/18) “Just Do It” But Do It Right: Risk Taking and Self-Regulation in a Sample of Young Adults

Morel, Katie Michal Ostrager (9/18) Adolescent Female Aggression: Functions and Etiology

Mulay, Abby Lynn (9/18) Implicit Stigma and Offenders with Mental Illness: the Examination of a Computer-Based Intervention

Powers, Alisa Deborah (9/18) Delay of Gratification and Heart Rate Dynamic in Emerging Adult College Students

Reilly, Liam Bryant (9/18) Implicit and Explicit Dimension of Self-Compassion, Self-Esteem and Distress in a College Student Sample

Sasso, Scott B. (9/18) Investigation of Pathological Narcissism, Rejection Sensitivity, and Conscious and Unconscious Affect Following a Behavioral Social Rejection

Tacopina, Stephanie Anne (9/18) Further Understanding Manic Defenses: Hypomania and Threat-Reactivity

Talreja, Priyam M (9/18) An Exploration of the Relationship between Coping Flexibility, Attachment, Differentiation of Self, and Emotion Recovery in the Context of Bereavement

Van Buren, Brian Robert (9/18) Moral Injury, PTSD, and Externalizing Behaviors in Combat Veterans: An Investigation of the Role of Shame

Wu, Olivia (9/18) The Capacity for the Human-Companion Animal Bond: Dissociation, History of Trauma, Personality Characteristics, and Attachment Styles