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Asian Studies

The Asian Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program with a flexible curriculum that emphasizes the development of knowledge and analytical approaches needed to understand the emergence of Asia in the twenty-first century.  This twelve-credit minor program draws from numerous courses offered at LIU Brooklyn that focus on the history, cultures, societies, economics, politics, arts and contemporary issues pertaining to the Asian continent.  Cross-listed courses for the Asian Studies Minor Program have included those from sociology-anthropology, history, art, dance, media arts, music, philosophy and economics.

     The Asian Studies Minor certificate offers the student an addition to his/her diploma that many in the business community and world of higher education will find attractive in this age where the ascendance of Asia is a major driving force in a globalized economy.  Led by China and India, the countries of the Asian continent will continue to play a greater role in the world as their economies surge throughout the foreseeable future.  LIU students who want to be a part of this ascendance would be well advised to use this opportunity to add Asia to their list of interests.

Requirements for Asian Studies Minor
The Asian Studies minor requires twelve credits in courses approved for the minor related to Asia. These courses include:
• Asian Cinema
• Asian Cultures and Societies
• Asian Music Seminar
• Asian Philosophy
• Current International Economic Problems
• East Asia: the Modern Period
• Ethnic Entrepreneurship
• Hatha Yoga
• International Economics
• Islamic Societies
• Non-Western Calligraphy
• Religion and Society: Buddhism
• World since 1945
• 20th Century East Asia-U.S. Relations

Students are encouraged to take "Asian Cultures and Societies" and/or "East Asia: the Modern Period."
An additional requirement is that each student enrolled in the Asian Studies Minor attends at least one Asia Forum, a lecture or performance given each semester by a distinguished scholar or artist on a broad range of subjects having to do with issues affecting Asia or Asian peoples. There is no required course in the minor but all students will arrange their individual course of study in consultation with the director of the Asian Studies Minor program. Courses outside of those listed will be considered on a case-by-case basis. To participate in the Asian Studies Minor, please contact Professor Yafeng Xia, Director of Asian Studies Program at Humanities Building Rm. 847.

Credit and GPA Requirements
Minimum Total Credits: 12
Minimum Minor GPA: 2.0