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The history minor is designed to enhance any course of study as it offers both personal rewards and practical advantages. Guided by a faculty of accomplished historians, students are invited to explore historical events and topics in American, African, Asian, European and Latin American History. Our courses approach historical study with a global perspective and incorporate various interpretive lenses, analyzing political, social, cultural, and economic developments around the world. History classes help students not only better understand the world, but also give students the opportunity to improve their analytical, research, writing, and communication skills. The history minor is especially valuable for students pursuing careers in education, law, public administration, business, journalism, archival and museum work. Faculty mentors will assist students in devising a personalized plan of study. The history minor requires students to take either History 1 or History 2 and at least 12 credits in History courses at the 100 level and above.

 Students interested in a minor program should contact:

Dr. Stacey Horstmann Gatti
Chair, Department of Social Sciences
Tel. 718-488-4077 or 718-246-6444

Credit and GPA Requirements

Minimum Total Credits:  12
Minimum Minor GPA:  2.0