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Political Geography

The political geography minor is a fifteen-credit interdisciplinary program with a flexible curriculum that emphasizes the significance of the role geography has played in shaping political debates historically and contemporaneously.

Political geography has always been about conflict and compromises over boundaries in international relations and national development, international organizations, diplomacy, internal divisions, and voting. It has evolved to incorporate today’s new challenges in defining technological, economic, cultural, and religious boundaries. Boundary transgressions occur every day as the traditionally understood parameters of state sovereignty collapse under the pressure of transnational social and economic networks. This often means the difference between life or death as well as development or decay for social orders forced into a perpetual scramble to create, define, and protect physical and virtual boundaries to separate themselves from others, or to project their own identities at the expense of others. This minor empowers students with the technical and conceptual tools necessary for analyzing the political geography of our times and its relevance for the future.

The minor in political geography offers perspectives from numerous courses offered at LIU Brooklyn that focus on the interrelationship between geography and history, culture, economics, politics, and the arts.

The minor in political geography will be especially useful for students pursuing careers in business, computer science, marketing, art, design, media, urban studies, political science, sociology, health sciences, environment, communications, and public administration. Students will train on ESRI ArcGIS software, the industry standard. Only general computer skills are required.