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School of Health Professions

The School of Health Professions at LIU Brooklyn is dedicated to providing superior quality education in the health professions to a diverse student body. With strong ties to the community and to many health care facilities that support educational efforts as well as research, our programs address clinical health care, community-based health and social issues. The school prepares students for careers in the areas of respiratory care; diagnostic medical sonography; physician assistant; occupational therapy; athletic training, health and exercise science (including sport management and exercise physiology); physical therapy; social work; and public health. The programs also introduce students to interprofessional practice.

Our programs span the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, and lead to careers in growing professions that offer a wealth of career opportunities. Graduates of our programs are in high demand in the current health care job market, and this level of demand will continue for many years to come.

The School of Health Professions’ faculty members are renowned experts in their fields and have vast experience in their respective areas of specialization, which contributes to their exceptional teaching abilities. Many faculty members are engaged in clinical practice and research, which greatly contributes to the learning experience of their students and to their own professional growth.

The School of Health Professions integrates liberal arts education with advanced sciences and health-oriented curricula. On the undergraduate level, it offers the Bachelor of Science degree in health science, respiratory care, diagnostic medical sonography and sports sciences, as well as the B.A. in Social Work. It also offers combined B.S./M.S. degrees in occupational therapy, and a B.S. Health Science/Master Public Health. A B.S. in Health Science/DPT is also offered.

All students are expected to complete 64 credits of liberal arts and sciences courses in addition to their specializations and professional studies. Proficiency and core courses for undergraduate programs are offered through Richard L. Conolly College.

For information, please contact the Dean’s Office at 718-780-6578, fax 718-780-4561.

Fields of Study
Athletic Training, Health & Exercise Science Physician Assistant
Occupational Therapy
Public Health
Respiratory Care
Surgical Technology
Social Work


School of Health Professions