The Brooklyn Sports Academy @LIUBKspcs

As the number one fan and supporter of Brooklyn's BEST basketball team, the School of Professional and Continuing Studies at LIU's Downtown Brooklyn is proud to present The Brooklyn Sports Academy. Please see below, for a glimpse of the professional course work available to students at LIU.


Muscle, Human Performance, and the Everyday Athlete (BSAX 650, $999) LIU Brooklyn Continuing Education Presents, in association with Wellness Roundtable, LLC and STuart Burton's Iron and Silk Fitness, "Muscle, Human Performance, and the Everyday Athlete."

This online and hands-on 14-week course will provide you with the principles and application of strength training and bodybuilding for optimal performance enhancement. This is not your "run-of-the-mill" strength course. You will receive:

  • Online instruction with instructors who have 30+ years experience in the field
  • 6-8 hours of hands-on training with Master Trainer Stuart Burton
  • Access to Interviews with premier strength coaches and bodybuilders
  • A "Science of Strength" programming manual and promotional materials
  • Access to content libraries including articles, videos, and podcasts
  • Access to for one-on-one or team consultations
  • A certificate upon completion of the the course

Please see the informational flier for further details. 

Schedule --- TBD, please call 718.488.1364

Diversity and Culture in Sport (BSAX 640, $995) As of July 2018, @LIUBKspcs in partnership with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), is proud to to offer the Diversity & Culture course required to fulfill knowledge area, K8: Diversity and Culture (effective June 1, 2018) of the CMPC Certification requirements. The course is designed to explore cultural sport psychology and how multicultural factors influence people and human interaction. Additionally, enrollees will examine their own cultural biases, values, beliefs and behaviors and understand their influence on individuals from different multicultural groups.

This online course will have a total of 10 weeks of instruction. The 10 weeks of instruction will include Weekly Discussion Forums, Weekly Quizzes, a Culture Matters Presentation, and a Personal Identity Development Paper. The course will culminate in an online final exam. Robert Owens, EdD, CSCS and Tanya Prewitt-White, PhD, CMPC will be the featured instructors.

Please see the course listing on the AASP website for additional information. 

Schedule --- TBD, please call 718.488.1364


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