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Spring 2024: January 8 to April 18, 2024

Summer 2024: May 6 to August 15, 2023

Registration for the Spring 2024 semester is open until Friday, January 26, 2024.

Welcoming all students to register for our Spring 2024 semester! 

To register in person, call 718-488-1323 to set up an appointment in our office on the Brooklyn Campus to meet with one of our multilingual staff members.  They will happily lead you through the application process step-by-step.

To register remotely, email us at bkln-esl@liu.edu or give us a call at 718-488-1323.  We will email you all the necessary forms and instructions.  Then we can set up a Zoom call for you to meet with one of our multilingual staff members to guide you through the application process.

Visit us today at:
English Language Institute
1 University Plaza, LLC 4th Floor Brooklyn, NY 11201

Tel: (718) 488-1323

E-mail: bkln-esl@liu.edu

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Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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School of Professional Studies
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