The English BA offers a wide range of undergraduate courses in writing and literature, designed to meet the needs of a richly diverse student body. We emphasize writing as a creative and rhetorical act and the analysis of texts in historical, critical, and cultural contexts. Our degree program features coursework in cultural criticism, literary analysis, the essay, rhetoric, and professional writing, as well as creative writing. The rigorous study of literary and cultural texts—from the canon and from traditions historically excluded from academic study—is at the center of our work. Read our official Mission Statement, and follow links in the chart below for more information about each degree program.

We promote literary studies and the literary arts through a variety of clubs and events that provide students with valuable opportunities to meet and mingle with other students, members of the faculty, and a wide range of guest speakers. We also publish a suite of literary magazines in both print and online formats.

Our faculty honors student achievement in writing by giving a number of annual awards and prizes to undergraduates and graduate students in our programs.

The English program maintains a vibrant presence online. Follow us on social media and bookmark our blog, The Longest Island. The “front door” to the department, the blog is the best way to learn about who we are and what we do, and we recommend making it your first stop when seeking accurate information about our programs and activities.