Athletic Training, Health & Exercise Science

BS in Health Science

LIU Brooklyn’s Health Science bachelor’s degree program, which is part of the School of Health Professions, offers a flexible and multifaceted curriculum that is grounded in science, health care, and wellness. A primary goal of the major is to prepare students for professional health careers in physical therapy, public health, respiratory care, nursing, medicine, and other areas.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science features:

  • Personalized professional advisement
  • On–campus clinical experiences working with individuals with various disabilities
  • Two accelerated degree tracks for those seeking admission into either the Master of Public Health (MPH) or Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) programs at LIU Brooklyn
  • A diverse, highly recognized, and dedicated faculty
  • Internships that afford you hands-on experience, applied research, and community based service, that may lead to future employment opportunities
  • Partnerships with leading organizations, including Heavens Hands, Association for Help of Retarded Children (AHRC), National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society, Brooklyn Parkinson’s Group, Maimonides Hospital, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, and NYC Department of Education

Brooklyn Campus Curriculum

Course # Course Name Credits
HS 300 Introduction to Health Professions 3
HS 325 Current Issues in Urban Health 3
HS 340 Nutrition and Wellness 3
HS 355 Diversity and Health Disparities 3
HS 410 Healthcare Organizations and Delivery 3
HS 430 Research in the Health Professions 3
HS 460 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Health Care 3
HS 471 Health Program Planning 3
HS 490  Practicum 3

Course # Course Name Credits
Required Core Courses
English Composition
ENG 16/ ENG 16C English Composition 3
English Literature
Select one (1) course from the following:
ENG 61 European Literatures I 3
ENG 62 European Literatures II 3
ENG 63 American Literatures 3
ENG 64 Global Literatures 3
Select one (1) course from the following:
HIS 1 Perspectives in Pre-modern World History 3
HIS 2 Perspectives in Modern World History 3
PHI 60 Philosophical Explorations 3
SPE 3 Oral Communication 3
Select one (1) course from the following, unless major requirements list specific Math courses:
MTH 15 Math Tools and Their Use 4
MTH 16 Finite Mathematics 3
Science Lab-Based Course
Select one (1) course from the following:
BIO Biology 4
CHM Chemistry 4
PHY Physics 4
Foreign Language
Select one (1) course from the following:
SPA 11 Introductory Spanish I 3
SPA 12 Introductory Spanish II 3
ITL 11 Introductory Italian I 3
ITL 12 Introductory Italian II 3
FRE 11 Introductory French I 3
FRE 12 Introductory French II 3
Visual and Performing Arts
Select one (1) course from the following:
ART 61 Introduction to Visual Art 3
DNC 61 Dance Through Time 3
JOU 61 Journalism, Social Media, and You 3
MA 61 Media Arts and Technology 3
MUS 61 Music and Culture 3
THE 61 The Theatrical Vision 3
Social Sciences I
Select any introductory course from the following:
Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology 3
Social Sciences II
Select any introductory course from the following:
Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology 3

Credit Requirements
Total Major Requirement Credits
Elective Major Credits
Total Elective Liberal Arts & Sciences Credits 27-28
Total Core Requirement Credits 34-35
Total Degree Credits 120


School of Health Professions