Bachelor of Arts

Applied Music

Offering premier music instruction and performance opportunities, the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Music aims to advance versatile graduates sought after by industry leaders.

The Applied Music Program will prepare students for a wide variety of music careers through technical and experiential learning with talented LIU faculty and some of Roc Nation’s world-renowned artists. Applied Music students will study ear training and musicianship, harmony and counterpoint, music notation software, and the origins of musical genres, while also receiving instrument training and performing in ensembles. Roc Nation students will be able to enroll in electives that are only available at LIU, such as The Business of Shawn Carter, Women in Music, and Monetization of Music. Students will leave with unmatched insight into the process of building a successful and thriving career in the music industry.

LIU’s one-of-a-kind partnership with Roc Nation will give students an insider’s view of the music industry and unlock a world of opportunity.

Qualities that Set Our Program Apart:

  • Students will work with some of New York City’s most talented musicians and decorated scholars. LIU faculty members are active musicians and are among some of the most cutting-edge and high-profile professionals in the industry.
  • LIU’s location in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn provides students with direct access to the best of New York City’s vibrant arts community, including outstanding concerts, workshops, master classes, and collaborative projects.


Course # Course Name
Required Musicianship Courses
MUS 106A Keyboard
MUS 106B Advanced Keyboard
MUS 131 Harmony and Counterpoint I
MUS 131 Harmony and Counterpoint II
MUS 153 Ear Training/Musicianship I
MUS 154 Ear Training/Musicianship II
MUS 201 Music Notation Software
MUS 130 Professional Preparation for a Music Career
MUS 115 Instruction
MUS 116 Private Instruction
MUS 123J Ensemble
MUS 125 Chorus
Required Music History
MUS 146 History of Hip Hop
MUS 147 History of Rock n’ Roll
MUS 148 History of Rhythm and Blues
MUS 27 History of Pop Music
MUS 159 History of Country Music
Required Music Electives
MUS 145 Intro to World Music
MUS 175 Digital Audio I
MUS 176 Digital Audio II
MUS 180 Music Business
MUS 211 Monetization of Music
MUS 221 Business of Shawn Carter
MUS 231 The Making of the Album
MUS 241 Women in Music
TEP 121 Foundations of Recording

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