Bachelor of Music

Vocal Performance

The Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance provides students with a full range of resources to develop talent and prepare for a music career. Students will receive exclusive individualized vocal training from LIU’s successful faculty and world-renowned visiting artists. Aspiring performers will sharpen their aural skills, study the roots of musical theory, delve into the technical aspects of songwriting and vocal dictation, and prepare for a professional career in the music industry.

In addition to world-class training, Vocal Performance students will engage with visiting artists, participate in competitive internships, and have a variety of opportunities to perform. Unique electives, such as The Business of Shawn Carter and The Making of the Album will enable students to peak behind the scenes of the music industry in a way that only the one-of-a-kind partnership between LIU and Roc Nation can provide. While attending the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports & Entertainment, students will develop invaluable industry connections that will continue to open doors long after graduation.

Qualities that Set Our Program Apart:

  • Students will work with some of New York City’s most talented musicians and decorated scholars. LIU’s faculty members are active musicians and are among some of the most cutting-edge and high-profile professionals in the industry.
  • LIU’s location in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn provides students with direct access to the best of New York City’s vibrant arts community, including outstanding concerts, workshops, master classes, and collaborative projects.​​


Course # Course Name
Required Musicianship Courses
MUS 141 Intro to Music Technology
MUS 107A Music Theory/Keyboard Harmony I
MUS 107B Music Theory/Keyboard Harmony II
MUS 107C Music Theory/Keyboard Harmony III
MUS 107D Music Theory/Keyboard Harmony IV
MUS 108A Aural Skills I
MUS 108B Aural Skills II
MUS 108C Aural Skills III
MUS 108D Aural Skills IV
Required Applied Music Courses
MUS 4 Music Convocation
MUS 13 Vocal Diction
MUS 16P Vocal Pedagogy
MUS 150 Junior Recital Ensemble
MUS 151 Senior Recital Ensemble
TEP 146 Songwriting
TEP 164 Advanced Songwriting
Professional Practice in the Music Industry
MUS 130 Professional Preparation for a Music Career
ARM 162 Principles and Practices of the Music Industry
Required Music History/Literature Courses
MUS 147 History of Rock and Roll and Popular Music
MUS 148 History of Rhythm and Blues and Hip Hop
MUS 241 Women in Music
Music Concentration
MUS 88A/B Studio Lessons
MUS 49A/B Vocal Coaching
MUS 5C Vocal Jazz Ensemble
MUS 5 Chorus
Recommended Music Electives
MUS 211 Monetization of Music
MUS 221 The Business of Shawn Carter
MUS 231 The Making of the Album
MUS 24 History of Rhythm and Blues
MUS 25 History of Hip Hop
MUS 26 History of Rock n’ Roll
MUS 27 History of Pop Music
MUS 28 History of Country Music
MUS 46 Intro to World Music

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