Athletic Training, Health & Exercise Science

B.S. in Fitness & Wellness/M.S. Urban Physical Education

The Division of Athletic Training, Health and Exercise Science (ATHES) offers a dual degree program leading to a Bachelors of Science in Fitness and Wellness and a Master of Science in Urban Physical Education Teaching Certification (BS/MS in UPE). This five-year program offers students the opportunity to study in a traditional liberal arts and science environment, as well as in wellness and physical activity settings. When students are accepted into the dual-degree program, the Bachelor of Science degree is awarded at the completion of four years of coursework at 120 credits, and the Master of Science in Urban PE Teaching Certification is awarded at the completion of the fifth year of study, totaling 30 graduate credits.

Completion of the dual degree program leads to eligibility for initial certification in Physical Education teaching students from Pre-K through 12th grade. The program prepares students to teach physical education in an urban setting that focuses on diversity and inclusion of all children regardless of age, level of abilities and disability. 

Undergraduate Admission Criteria

Students may be considered for the dual degree program upon application to LIU Brooklyn. Freshman students are required to present a high school average of at least 80, and preferred combined SAT scored of at least 1000. Transfer students may also request consideration for the dual-degree program. All applicants must demonstrate strong academic ability and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Transfer students must present an overall GPA of at least 2.75.

Undergraduate Academic Standards

Students in the Fitness and Wellness / PE major must complete required coursework as outlined in our plan of study. To be considered for the dual-degree program, students must maintain the required GPA of at least 3.0 and letter grades listed below. Students are also required to perform a minimum of 90 hours of practicum experience by the end of the fall semester of their senior year. In addition, students must pass the first part of the NYS-TCE, Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST) by the end of their junior year.

Admission Requirements to the Professional Phase/5th Year of the Physical Education Program

Students can apply for admission into the professional phase (5th year) by the end of their first semester of their senior year (4th year) when they meet the following criteria listed below:

  1. To remain in good academic standing as a PE major, students must maintain a minimum of 3.0 overall GPA
  2. Complete a minimum of 80 credits by the end of their fall semester in the junior year (3rd year)
  3. Complete a minimum of 60 credits of Liberal Arts and Sciences which includes the LIU Core Curriculum by the end of their senior year (4th year)
  4. Complete all PE major courses with a grade of C or higher, as per the PE plan of study
  5. Complete admission application to the chairperson of the admissions committee, which consists of the following:
  • Application form
  • Two letters of recommendations, with at least one from an academic instructor
  • A letter stating your interest in becoming a physical education teacher including your professional goals
  • An interview with the admissions committee
  1. Complete TAL 201, TAL 301, TAL 350, and PE 263 with a grade of B or better
  2. Passed first part of the New York State Teachers Certification Exams NYS-TCE Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST) by the end of the junior year.
  3. Pass CST (Physical Education Content) by the end of the senior year.

Graduation and Certification Requirements

To graduate from the dual degree program of BS/MS in Urban Physical Education, students must complete 30 credits of graduate coursework including student teaching and field experience within their chosen track.

The fall semester of the 5th year of the program is the student teaching semester. Student teaching is a full time experience that consists of all day student teaching in selected partnership schools along with courses in Teaching and Learning.   Specific requirements to successfully complete the PE degree include:

1. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

2. Completion of all courses presented in the B.S./M.S. PE Plan of Study

3. Passed all three parts of the New York State Teacher Exams: Academic Literacy Skill Test (ALST) and Content Specialty Test (CST-Physical education) prior to registering for student teaching (TAL 890) in fall semester of 5th year

4. Complete New York State mandated workshops in Child Abuse Identification, School Violence Prevention, Fire Safety and DASA (Bullying)

5. Successfully complete the EdTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment)

6. Complete the graduate portion (30 credits) of the Physical Education program that includes a track or specialty in Adapted Physical Education, Strength and Conditioning or Coaching Education with a field experience.

Credit and GPA Requirements

Minimum Total Credits: 150
Minimum Liberal Arts and Sciences Credits: 60
Minimum Credits in Courses > 100 Level: 48
Ancillary Course Requirements: See Above
Minimum Major Credits Undergraduate: 51
Minimum Education Credits Undergraduate: 9
Elective Credits for Graduate Track: 6
Minimum Total Credits Undergraduate: 120
Minimum Total Credits Graduate: 30
Minimum Major GPA for Admission: 3.0
Minimum Major Undergraduate GPA: 3.00
Minimum Cumulative Undergraduate GPA: 3.0
Minimum Graduate GPA: 3.00


School of Health Professions

Stacy Jaffee Gropack, Dean