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B.S. in Sport Management

The Bachelor of Science in Sport Management is a joint 120-credit program offered between the Division of Athletic Training, Health, and Exercise Science (ATHES) and the School of Business. This unique interdisciplinary approach enables our students to develop and apply a strong foundation of business knowledge and skills to all aspects of the sports industry. Through our Sport Management program, students learn the most current trends, techniques, and strategies in management and marketing technology, ticket sales, sponsorships, branding, public relations, event planning, sports merchandising, facility management, and athlete representation. Students will also understand and practice the essentials of leadership, communication, customer service relations, and teamwork skills that are essential to success in this field.

The business of sports has exploded into a global multi-billion dollar industry. A career in sports means many different things to many different people. The proximity of LIU Brooklyn's Sport Management program to the headquarters of the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLS, in addition to the nearby Barclays Center, provides LIU students with a wide array of unique learning opportunities that are vital in gaining a competitive edge in today's marketplace. These key partners allow our students to showcase their talents while networking with top sports industry professionals. This essential combination—blending superb academics with real-world experiential learning—empowers our students to become true professionals as soon as they earn their LIU degree.

Program Features

Foundational Knowledge. Students develop a comprehensive understanding of the global sports industry while mastering the essential communication, business, sales and leadership skills that are in high demand by employers. 

Outstanding & Experienced Faculty. The program features a faculty of expert scholars and practitioners. 

Experiential Learning. Students extend their education beyond the classroom through internship and practicum opportunities that integrate traditional learning with real-world experience.  

Industry Connections. The program provides access to an array of networking opportunities and industry events, where students can engage with top industry executives, conference executives, practitioners, and innovators from leading organizations.

About the Program

Welcome to the Undergraduate Sport Management program at Long Island University-Brooklyn. Our attractive curriculum provides a unique business approach all in a practical learning environment. The program offers students the opportunity to earn their Bachelors of Science degree in Sport Management. Focusing on ethics, diversity, leadership and community service, the program attracts the most dedicated and energetic students.

Through classroom instruction and experiential learning, the LIU-Brooklyn Undergraduate Sport Management Program is designed to prepare students for rewarding careers in the sport business industry. We strive to design an environment that inspires ongoing commitment to learning, leadership, and community service. Sport Management is a program area within the School of Health Professions. The Sport Management program has a diverse student population representing a variety of geographical, cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds.

The Undergraduate Sport Management Program prepares students for careers in a wide selection of organizations in the sport business industry, including:

  • Professional sports
  • Collegiate athletics
  • Event and facility operations
  • Corporate sport management and marketing firms
  • Community recreation and leisure agencies
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Health and fitness sector
  • Golf & tennis clubs
  • Campus intramural sports and recreation

Student Opportunities

Our students gain valuable experience working, interning, and volunteering on many significant service-learning projects for local and area agencies. We utilize many guest lecturers from sport business organizations each semester to speak with our students about how to excel as a responsible business professional in the sport industry.

Through our Sport Management program, students learn the most current trends, techniques, and strategies in management and marketing technology, ticket sales, sponsorships, customer relations, event planning, sports facility management, and analytics. Students will also understand and practice the essentials of leadership, communication, and teamwork skills that are essential to success in this field.

Opportunities in the NYC Metropolitan Area

The Metropolitan New York area provides plentiful opportunities for students to gain practical experience while completing their academic course work.

The sports industry in Brooklyn and New York City proves to be a major advantage for our students. Students with academic preparation and experience focused on the business of sport have a decided edge in the job market. The proximity of LIU Brooklyn to the largest and most rapidly expanding sports industries in the world including the Barclays Center/Brooklyn Nets as well as the headquarters of major league: baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer in New York City and is highly advantageous for those students seeking internships and career opportunities in sports.

Admissions Requirements

To qualify for acceptance into the B.S. in Sport Management program:

  • Entering freshman must have a high school grade-point average of at least 80 and a combined SAT score of at least 1000
  • Transfer students must have an overall grade-point average of at least 2.0

To apply, submit a general application for admission through My LIU.

Program Requirements

All Courses Listed Below Must Be Completed.

ACC 110 Accounting for Non Business Majors 3 credits
BUS 101 Introduction to Business 21st Century 3 credits
BUS 110 Foundation of Business Systems 3 credits
ENT 200 Entrepreneurship 3 credits
FIN 201 Introduction to Finance 3 credits
MAN 201 Principles of Management 3 credits
MAN 231 Managerial Communications 3 credits
MKT 201 Fundamentals of Marketing 3 credits
MKT 344 Sport Marketing 3 credits
HS 497 Independent Study (Sport Management) 1 credit
SPS 176 Introduction to Sport Management 3 credits
SPS 186 Facility Management and Event Planning 3 credits
SPS 191 Leadership in Sport Management 3 credits
SPS 200 Sport Law 3 credits
SPS 206 Customer Relations in Sport Management 3 credits
SPS 216 Professional Selling and Communications for Sports 3 credits
SPS 265 Field Experience in Sport Management 3 credits
SPS 266 Internship in Sport Management 6 credits

Credit and GPA Requirements
Minimum Total Credits: 120
Minimum Liberal Arts and Sciences Credits: 60
Minimum Major Credits: 55
Minimum Credits of Courses > 100 level: 48
Minimum Sport Management Major GPA: 2.0
Minimum Overall GPA: 2.0


School of Health Professions

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