Call for Presentations

The Roosevelt School and Global Service Institute Conference on Leadership and Service brings together global leaders and innovators to discuss the critical issues, lessons learned, and trends that will shape leadership and service in the 21st century. Presentation proposals will be reviewed by an academic committee.

Important Dates:

Proposal deadline:   July 1, 2021
Presenters notified:   July 31, 2021
Final presentation due:   September 1, 2021

Conference Co-chairs

Tweed Roosevelt, MBA, DHL
Chairman of the Roosevelt School/Theodore Roosevelt Institute

Rita Cosby, BA and Emmy-Winning Journalist and Best Selling Author
Chair of the Global Service Institute

Dalia Fhamy, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science

Yanik Mieczkowski, PhD
Professor and Director of the Roosevelt School

Andy Person, PhD
LIU Chief of Strategy, Advancement and Assessments

Yafeng Xia, PhD
Senior Professor of Social Sciences

Presentation topics may address, but are not limited;

  • Presidential Leadership
  • Democracy & Civic Engagement
  • Global Service
  • Politics and Ethics
  • Global Leadership

Proposal submissions should be no longer two pages (not including the abstract and references) and address the following:

  • Abstract
  • Theoretical background, research objectives and contribution to the field
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion and conclusion

Your proposal should include:

  • Session Title (limit 15 words)
  • Abstract (limit 115 words)
  • At least 2 learning objectives, with the option to include 3 total (limit 50 words each)
  • Areas of Focus (limit 2)
  • Subtopic of Focus (limit 2)
  • Delivery method (Face-to-Face, Pre-recorded or Live Virtual Presentation)
  • Session structure (Case Study, Simulation, Lecture, etc.)
  • Preferred session length
  • Target Audience Experience Level
  • Globally Focused (if the content of the session applies to one or more continents)
  • Industry Application
  • Information for all presentation speakers, including:
    • Contact information
    • Speaking references
    • Topic qualification (How you are qualified to speak on your topic)
    • Career stage


Andy Person

Christopher Adams

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