Kandi Spindler

Long Island University Post

Spring 2020 New Media in Art

Living in Santurce, Puerto Rico taught me that joy and resistance are not mutually exclusive states of mind. Santurce's street art particularly captures the Puerto Rican spirit of living boldly and colorfully in the face of oppression. While protest often conjures somber and violent imagery, street art is a display of resistance through exuberance. Through the vibrancy and fluidity of acrylic, I try to capture the energy of both New York City and San Juan, where people live happy and wild against all odds.

Katherine Spindler is an MFA student and public defender practicing in Nassau County, New York. As the child of a New Yorker and West Virginian, she's a gaudy mashup of glitter, coal dust, high heels and diet mountain dew. Her art is more or less the same. She attended Mount Holyoke College and Vermont Law School. She loves baking, social justice, and her cat, Paco.

Contact me: k.rebeccaspindler@gmail.com