Media Arts


M.A. in Media Arts

Media Arts is a powerful and influential field that can be defined as the art and science of artistic expression through media such as film, television, radio, video art, the Web, computer graphics, computer art, animation, video games, music production, sound design, photography, interactive media, screenwriting, media management, media-based performance and installation.  Students trained in the above disciplines are employed in the entertainment, advertising, publishing and communications industries globally, in production and executive levels.

 This 36 credit Master of Arts in Media Arts is a unique, integrated program whose curriculum combines courses in both production and theory in a 50/50 credit split.  It is designed for students, communication professionals and artists who wish to explore the crucial relationship between theoretical concepts and practical application in a convergent 21st century media environment. The culmination of the program is an Integrated Thesis Project that comprises both a thesis paper and an exhibition-ready media production.