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Forms, Records, and Policies

Forms, Records, and Policies




Application Information
For more information, as well as application for admission, please click here.

Health Forms

Deadline to submit Health Forms: Please check with LIU Global by emailing

Health Insurance Information

For details on student health insurance, please click here.



LIU Global (2012 - present)
Global College (2007 - 2012)
Friends World Program, Brooklyn (Fall 2005 - 2007)
Friends World Program, Southampton (1991 - Spring 2005)
Friends World College (1968 - 1990)
Friends World Institute (1965 - 1968)

To order a transcript, click on Office of the Registrar and follow the instructions that are outlined.

Program and Policy Handbook
This handbook contains program information and policies & procedures for LIU Global students and staff.
Purpose: To provide guidance that will support a positive academic experience in support of the academic integrity and students’ well-being and compliance with university policies.

Download the Handbook here.

Transfer of Credits

At the time of admission to LIU Global, students are required to disclose any college or university attended prior to LIU Global. This includes Advanced Placed, International Baccalaureate, and Post Secondary credits earned while in High School. Official transcripts should be sent electronically to LIU Brooklyn Admissions or mailed directly to: LIU Admissions, 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11201. 

To receive a degree from LIU Global, a student must complete their last 30.00 credits (senior year) consecutively at Long Island University.

Leave of Absence

Global Studies B.A. students are permitted to take a leave of absence up to one semester and return to their existing program. If students take a leave of absence longer than one semester, they must re-apply for admission to the currently offered academic program.

Students must review the policy and fill out the Leave of Absence form. The completed form must be emailed to Brooklyn-Enrollment Students on a leave of absence will be contacted to register for the semester they are due to return.

Visiting Student Authorization Request (VISA-Brooklyn)

Continuing students may gain approval to transfer in courses taken at another institution during a summer or winter session through the Dean’s Office by submitting the Visiting Student Authorization Request (VISA-Brooklyn). The form must be emailed to Prior to submitting this form, you must check that the course is transferable to LIU.  You must also confirm that the institution is regionally accredited by checking with the school’s Admissions and/or Registrar’s Office. Also see Examples of Regional Accreditation

Withdrawal Form

Students must complete this form and submit it to