Asia-Pacific Australia


Field Experiences, Camping & Travel

Field trips form an essential component of the Asia-Pacific Australia program curriculum in both the fall and spring semesters. All trips are tightly integrated with the theories, concepts, and themes that students learn about in their courses. It is important to note that field trips are subject to change.

Australia: Students can expect to experience weekly field trips in and around Byron Bay to national parks, social enterprises, activist groups and local non-governmental organizations. Extended trips to other major cities including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane may be incorporated into the fall or spring semesters. A trip to the Great Barrier Reef will be included in the spring semester only. Students studying in Australia in the spring will also participate in an Aboriginal bush camp experience. During this trip, students will be camping on Aboriginal land and learn directly from respected Aboriginal elders, experience the beautiful local environment, and gain a finer appreciation for Indigenous values, perspectives, and knowledge.

Fiji: While studying in Fiji, students can expect to immerse themselves in local communities and cultural activities. They will visit with local activists and advocacy groups, snorkel and/or scuba dive on major coral reef sites and trek through national parks.

New Zealand: Field experiences include hiking and canoeing with local Maori guides on the Whanganui River, the first river in New Zealand to acquire legal personhood.

Bali: While traveling around Bali, students have the opportunity to experience different environments and aspects of Balinese culture. They also interact with and learn from a range of Balinese community leaders, students, and organizations engaged in activism, advocacy, and social and ecological entrepreneurship. Students will also have the opportunity to visit a coral reef restoration site and develop collaborative projects with local Indonesian students at Ganesha University.