Europe Program


Housing Information

EUROPE 1 HOUSING INFORMATION – Alcalá de Henares, Spain

Europe 1 students have the option to live in dorms or homestays, arranged by the Instituto Franklin at the University of Alcalá. Living with a Spaniard family is an important part of our program, as it plays an important role in learning about the culture of Spain and continuing to become more fluent Spanish.

Homestays are located in urban neighborhoods near the University of Alcalá. The houses where students stay have all the facilities needed (electricity, running water, telephone and access to public transportation). The University of Alcalá asks all students to fill out a questionnaire regarding housing preferences and based on that form, each student will be assigned a host family. Your host family will provide breakfast and dinner during weekdays, and you will receive a packed lunch on school days. On weekends, they will provide all three meals for you. The host family also provides laundry and Internet access.

In order to secure housing for the fall semester in Alcalá, all required forms by the University of Alcalá must be submitted to LIU Global in April before the start of the fall program, otherwise you will not be guaranteed housing.



Europe 2 students stay in apartments as provided by the Florence School of Fine Arts for the duration of the spring semester. Apartments are split among students in the middle of the city and all are within walking distance of the Florence school. Before arrival in Italy, students will fill out registration forms online and designate their preferred roommate. The apartments are furnished and provide two beds per room. Students will be given regular meal stipends throughout the semester to buy groceries and meals.