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Public Safety

Students should exercise common sense and keep all valuables within sight or on their persons. Promptly report all theft of personal items or other security concerns to the administration. Emergency notification procedures are in place so that in the event it were to become necessary, faculty and staff could be quickly notified of any threat and take appropriate action. 

At the LIU Hudson campus in Westchester there is security present when classes are in session. Students who wish to be escorted to their cars, should feel free to request that service.  Security is also provided by New York State University Police is a full-time law enforcement agency that provides service and protection for the campus and associated facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact University Police by using one of the emergency phones located throughout the campus or by calling (914)831-6900 or in an emergency (914) 831 6911. 

At the LIU extension site at RCC, security is provided by SUNY Public Safety Officers – students can use emergency phones located on the campus or can call 845 574 4238 or in an emergency, 845 574 4911.

Campus Safety and Security Survey Report (Crime Statistics),click here .

Emergency Safety & Procedures Guide - Westchester Campus

Download the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.