Health Risk Assessment

You want to make some lifestyle changes. Maybe you’ve been feeling a little sluggish and are looking to increase your energy level. Or perhaps you want to lose some weight and just don’t know where to begin. Why not begin by completing the online health assessment for a profile of your health and health status?

Taking a health assessment is a quick and easy way to determine the current state of your overall health, and to figure out what steps you need to take now to improve your health in the future. After all, when you’re healthy, you have the strength and confidence to be your true self.

1. To start

Log in or register at and select Take my health assessment to the right of the screen and follow the registration instructions until you reach my health & wellness center. Select the “Take My Health Assessment” link on this page. Just look for the red apple in the center of the screen (it is one of the rotating options). Try to have your blood pressure, total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol values with you when completing the health assessment.

2. My wellness score

After completing the health assessment, you’ll receive a wellness score based on how you compared to people in your gender and age group. Don’t worry if your numbers are not what you hoped for. You can update the assessment whenever you make a change to your health. You’ll be surprised how just a few simple changes can improve your wellness score significantly.

3. Support

But that’s not all. You’ll also get recommended next steps to help you get started on a path to better health. And based on your responses, you may also receive a web invitation to join one of our Online Health Coaching Programs for the support you need to get healthy and stay healthy. Joining is easy, and there’s no cost to you for participation.

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