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Stanley Feifer

Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Full-timeServed as Division Director of Pharmacy Practice from 1990 - 2002

B.S., Brooklyn College of PharmacyM.S., St. John's University


Born in Brooklyn, went to school in Brooklyn, lived in Brooklyn all my life. Met my wife when she was a student at the Brooklyn College of Pharmacy, we enjoy vacationing, and cruises are our preferred mode. Ten years ago, I discovered Bocce, and since then I have become a Bocce fanatic, I’m color blind and can’t tell the difference between the red balls and the green balls, and that can be a problem, it’s quite a handicap. Enjoy teaching pharmacy, and try to impress on the student, their importance to the Health Care Team.


Community practice pharmacy, Compounding


Selected list:

Plakogiannis, F. M., Cutie, A., and Feifer, S., “Experiments in Physical Pharmacy. I. The Three Component System” Am. J. Pharm. Ed., 35, 1, 1971.


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Cheng, Judy W.M., Kalis, M., Desselle, Shane P., Feifer, S., “Comparison of the Effectiveness of Traditional Lecturing and a Patient-Based Approach in Pharmacy Students’ Ability to Apply Revised Treatment Guidelines for Hypertension”. Am. J. Pharm. Ed. Vol. 66, Winter 2002.


Nathan,  J. P., Cicero, L. A., Koumis, T, Rosenberg, J. M, Feifer, S., Maltz, F., “Availability of and Attitudes Towards Towards Resources on Alternative Medicine Products in the Comminity phaemacy Setting”. J. Am Pharm. Assoc. 2005; 45: 734-739.

Other Publications

Selected list:

Cutie, A., Plakogiannis, F. M., Jochsberger, T., and Feifer, S., “Kinetic Aspects of the Decomposition of Clorazepate Potassium Salt”, Drug Dev. Comm., 2 (4 and 5), 421 -427, 1976.

Feifer, S., and Gellin, I., “Suggest These 10 Points on Retail Pharmacy to Pharmaceutical Reps.”, Pharmacy Times, Sept. 1982

Feifer, S., and Stempel, E., “A Brief Overview of Our Community Pharmacy Externship Program”, PEP Newsletter, March 1, 1983.

Feifer, S., and Strauss, S., “Prefixes, Suffixes and Abbreviations of Some Common Drug Products”, U. S. Pharmacist, 14 (8) : 50, 1989.

Rumore,M. Feifer, S., Rumore, J., “New York City Pharmacists and OBRA  ’90 One Year Later”. Amer. Pharm., Vol. Ns35, No. 2, Feb. 1995.


Lectures and Presentations

Feifer, S., and Dolinsky, D., “An Application of Behavioral Science Knowledge an dSkill to Practice in a Community Clerkship. The Cases of Medication Compliance Decision”, Eighth Social Pharmacy Workshop. Berlin, June 4 – 8, 1994 and AACP, Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 16, 1994.

Other Professional Activities

Worked with Dr. John Sciarra to develop Aerosol Products for NASA, for use in Sky Lab and Space Shuttle Programs, early 1970’s