Curriculum and Instruction

M.S. in Educational Technology

The next two-to-three decades are poised to be the most exciting and change-filled times in the history of education. Just as technology has forever altered non-school communications in the past two decades, it is now in position to, and will, alter education, the largest communications business we know, in similar ways. Education will very be different, and it must be because we have the constantly expanding Internet and an evolving virtual world of learning.

The program itself is different; it is taught in a blend of online and in-person delivery methods. It represents and uses many of the changes that are beginning to occur and will continue throughout your career.

The 30-credit M.S. in Educational Technology program is taught at various sites on Long Island and via online and blended coursework. Completion of this program satisfies New York State requirements for professional certification. The M.S. in Educational Technology provides an opportunity to qualify for New York State Certification*(Educational Technology Specialist) that can enhance your career options.

Educational Technology, M.S. (Blended)

Open House/Interview Required. Each cohort is designed uniquely. Some are monthly on a Saturday morning in-person only. Others are late afternoon/early evening weekdays. All are usually blended with about half of each course online. All is clearly outlined at the Open House/Interview. Contact Dr. Bette Schneiderman at for more information and to rsvp to an Open House/Interview.


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