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Contact Us

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program Phone Number: 516-299-2090

For more information about the Psy.D. program, feel free to contact the following people. Please do not email your admissions questions to multiple members of the program and the admissions staff - simply email the current program director. 

Hilary Vidair, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program Director 516-299-3630
TBD Psychological Services Center Director 

Cathy Kudlack Psychological Services Center Clinic Coordinator 516-299-3211
TBD Clinical Psychology Doctoral Assistant Director

How to Connect with Us:
PsyD Program Webpage:

Questions about Scheduling an Appointment (for therapy, testing, or other assessment) should go to:

Admissions Inquiries should go to: 

If you would like to speak to a student representative, please send an email to with information about what group you are interested in learning more about, or what program aspect you are interested in hearing more about. We will put you in touch with the relevant student leader, faculty member, alum, or adjunct faculty member who can speak to you more about that particular aspect of the program.


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