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Edmund Miller

Senior Professor of English

B.A., LIU PostM.A., Ohio State UniversityPh.D., Stony Brook University


Edmund MillerEdmund Miller is a senior professor.  He attended LIU Post as an undergraduate and has many happy memories from that period. Having earned a Ph.D. in English from Stony Brook University, he returned to Post as a teacher in 1981. He served as chairman of the English Department from 1993 -2011 and is a very visible member of the Campus community for his committee service. For example, he was chair of the Campus Faculty Personnel Committee for the past two years and has been the secretary of the College Curriculum Committee for more than 20 years. In 2002 he won the David Newton Award for Excellence in Teaching. His special area of expertise is British literature, particularly of the earlier 17th century and 19th century. In addition to extensive scholarly works including "Drudgerie Divine: The Rhetoric of God and Man in George Herbert," he also has many creative publications including "The Go-Go Boy Sonnets: Men of the New York Club Scene." Recent books include an annotated edition of a late 19th-century collection of short stories called "Stories Toto Told Me" by Frederick Rolfe (Baron Corvo) and the poetry chapbooks "A Rider of Currents" and "Eye Brushes." Recently he has been writing plays and performed staged readings of "The Greeks Have a Word" (in the style of a Greek satyr play) and "Changing Horses" (in blank verse.)


Early 17th-Century British literature, 19th-Century British literature, Creative Writing


Author, "Introduction: Dan Levin in the Time Machine," published in "Waiting for B Train: Poems" (2010)
Author, "Eye Brushes" (2010)
Author, "Cornered; and Other Poems" (2010)
Author, "Three Strikes against the Tim Burton 'Alice in Wonderland,'" published in "Burton in Underland: Carrollian Reviews" (2010)
Author, "A Rider of Currents" (2009)
Co-editor, "Long Island Sounds IV" ( 2009)
Author, introduction and notes, published in "Stories Toto Told Me" (2008)
Author, program notes, published in "John Digby and the Art of Collage: Welsh Incident ( 2008)
Author, "What's She Talking About?: Post-Feminist Notes on Sexist Grammar," published in "Collide: Styles, Structures, and Ideas in Disciplinary Writing," 2nd ed. (2007)
Author, "1, 2, 3, 4" (2005)
Author, "The Go-Go Boy Sonnets: Men of the New York Club Scene" (2005)
Author, "Colasterion: Milton's Lively Prose," published in Proceedings of the 2003 Northeast Regional Meeting of the Conference on Christianity and Literature (2004)
Author, "Renaming Algernon," published in "Oscar Wilde: The Man, His Writings, and His World" (2003). Abstract published in Lesbian and Gay Studies Newsletter (2000)
Author, "Dorothy L. Sayers," published in "Twentieth-Century British Women Writers"  (2002)
Author, review of  "The Pulse of Praise: Form as a Second Self in the Poetry of George Herbert," published in Christianity and Literature (2001)
Author, "Night Times" (2000)
Author, "Phases of the Moon," published in "The Moon as Text 3" (2000)
Co-editor, "The Ragged Edge" (2000)
Author, review of "A Good Re-[E]ducation in Dante's "Inferno," published in the New York Times Book Review (2000)
Author, "Sylvester Stallone: Auteur," published in Proceeding of the Global Awareness Conference, Montreal, Canada (1998)
Author, "Archibald Armstrong," published in "Fools and Jesters in Literature, Art, and History" (1998)
Author, Review of "Polite Wisdom: Heathen Rhetorics" in Milton's "Aeropagitica," published in Christianity and Literature 1997
Author, "Erato Throws a Curve: Anais Nin and the Elusive Feminine Voice in Erotica," published in "Anais Nin: Perspectives" (1997)
Author, "The Blooming of Biblical Feminism," published in Proceedings: Northeast Regional Meeting of the Conference on Christianity and Literature (1996)
Author, reviews of numerous publications in Bay Windows (1995)
Author, review of "Same-Sex Unions in the Middle Ages," published in Confrontation (1995)
Author, reviews of "David Theater and New King Cinema" and of  "The New York Live Show Scene," published in Steam (1995)
Author, "Leavings" (1995)
Author, "Jeremy Taylor", published in "Early Seventeenth-Century British Prose Writers" (1995)
Author, "Mae West," published in "Great Lives from History II: American Women" (1995)
Author, several essays in the "Encyclopedia of British Humorists" (1995)


Interviewed on “Exotica” Manhattan cable television show (1997)


Presenter, The Names Institute Conference, Baruch College of the City University of New York ( 2010)
Staged readings, Red Bull Theater (2010)
Presenter, Northeast Conference on Christianity and  Literature, Pace University, NY (2010)
Presenter, Midwest Conference on Christianity and Literature, Pace University NY (2010)
Poetry reading, LIU Post (2006)
Presenter, Conference on Christianity and Literature,  St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY (2006)
Discussant, performance of "The Atheist's Tragedy"(2006)
Presenter, Beginning Genealogical Research, LIU Post (2005)
Discussant, several performances, Red Bull Theater, New York (2005)
Presenter, Northeast Regional Meeting of the Conference on Christianity and Literature, Farmingdale State College (2003)
Presenter, "The Names Institute Conference, Baruch College of the City University of New York (2002)
Discussion leader, Great Neck Theater (2002)
Presenter, Hofstra University (2000, 1999) 
Presenter, Posing Questions: Interrogating Performance, Exhibition, and Representation: Interdisciplinary Conference, Stony Brook University (1999)

Workshops Conducted

Ohio State University (1980)
University of Northern Iowa and Oakland University (1978)

Featured Readings
Performance Poets Event, Wyld Chyld Café, Manhasset NY (2010)
Featured Poet, Performance Poets Event,  Barnes and Noble, Manhasset NY (2008)
Featured Poet, Poetry Barn, Huntington Historical Society, NY (2009)
Featured Reader,  Starbucks Café, Roslyn Heights NY (2007)


Recipient, David Newton Award for Excellence in Teaching, LIU (2002)
Recipient, Folger Library Seminar Award (1986)
Recipient, NEH Summer Seminar Award (1982)

Professional Affiliations


Life Member, Modern Language Association of America (1965-)
Life Member, Milton Society of America (1975-)
Charter member, Lewis Carroll Society of North America (1976-)
Member, Conference on Christianity and Literature (1977-)
- Keynote Speaker, Centennial Celebration of Sylvie and Bruno (1990)
- Conference Coordinator (1985)
- Regional President (1986-87)
- Member, Regional Steering Committee (1989-2000)

Genealogy and Onomastics

Member, American Name Society (1990-93, 1995-)
Member, Augustan Society (1977-)
- Editor of Journal (1978-81)
- Fellow (1988-)
Member, Haskell Family Association (1987-)
Member, Ostrander Family Association (1986-)