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Jennifer L. Snekser

Assistant Professor of Biology

BS, Canisius CollegeMS, St. Joseph’s UniversityPhD, Lehigh University


I have been teaching Biology at LIU Post since 2010. Prior to my time here, I earned my PhD in Integrative Biology at Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA) and an MS in Biology at St. Joseph’s University (Philadelphia, PA), focusing on topics of behavioral ecology using various species of fishes. My BS in Biology was earned at Canisius College (in my hometown of Buffalo, NY). My undergraduate research experience studying the behavior of marine mammals inspired my life’s work of teaching and scientific research.

My current research program focuses on ethology, ecology, and evolution. I am broadly interested in animal behavior and how it relates to evolution and ecology. I typically have multiple research projects that I am working on, both within the laboratory and in the field.  To learn more about my current projects, please visit my website. 


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