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Jared Wolfe

Assistant Professor of Marketing

B.S., Cornell UniversityPh.D., Duke University


Dr. Wolfe received his B.S. in Human Development from Cornell University and his Ph.D. in Marketing from Duke University. As a faculty member at LIU Post, he teaches classes in Consumer Motivation and Behavior and Marketing Research. He has been proud to serve a mentorship role for a number of students involved in internship programs, independent studies, and senior honors theses. His main research focus is on the utility that consumers gain from experiences; more specifically, what types of utility consumers prefer to gain from experiences, and how consumers can maximize the utility that they gain from experiences. He is also interested in other areas of consumer judgment and decision-making, particularly those that involve behavioral economics (e.g., when consumers act “irrationally”).


Consumer experiences, judgment and decision-making, behavioral economics


Co-author, “The Budget Contraction Effect: How Contracting Budgets Lead to Less Varied Choice,” published in Journal of Marketing Research, 2015.

Co-author, “The Budget Contraction Effect: Cutting Categories to Cope with Shrinking Budgets,” published in Advances in Consumer Research, 2010.

Co-author, “The Form and Function of Attachment Behavior in the Daily Lives of Young Adults,” published in Social Development, 2009.