Department of Communications and Film

The Department of Communications and Film prepares students for dynamic and rewarding careers in media and communications fields, film, advertising, journalism, and public relations. We offer a strong foundation in theory, ethics, culture and history as well as access to cutting-edge technologies and practical work experience. The Department of Communications and Film offers four undergraduate degree programs — the B.F.A. in Broadcasting, the B.F.A. in Journalism, the B.F.A. in Film and the B.S. in Communications, along with minors in Advertising, Broadcasting, Journalism, Public Relations, Communications, and Specialty Reporting.

Each degree program emphasizes writing skills, development of creative thinking as well as mastery of cutting edge technologies to prepare students for employment in fields of communications and media. Liberal Arts courses enrich each program by providing the broad background media professionals need today to meet the demands for diverse media content for diverse audiences.

Undergraduate Programs
B.F.A. in Broadcasting
B.F.A. in Film
B.F.A. in Journalism
B.S. in Communications


College of Arts, Communications & Design
Dr. Jennifer Holmes, Dean
Kahn 100, Kahn Hall